This is a very simple rocket. It uses baking soda and vinegar as fuel, I know sounds lame but its fun and easy. This is a good project for introducing kids to Rocketry ideas such as Newton's "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction" meaning shoot something out the back and it will fly.

Step 1: Materials

1 Film Canister - The kind where the lid snaps in, they are usually translucent white.
1 Plastic Syringe - Ask at your local drugstore for an Oral Syringe.
Baking Soda - Doesn't matter how much.
Vinegar - Again doesn't matter how much.
Paper - Plain printer paper, or construction paper if you like colour.
Tape - Regular scotch tape.
Scissors - They only need to be able to cut paper.
use pop rocks and water as fuel
That would be AWESOME!!! :) <br>Though i wonder if it wouldn't propel the rocket as high...
I tried it with a platic water bottle and two syringes and more bakingsoda but it didn't work.:(
OK that was weird!<br /> <br /> Me and my friend was bored so we made exactly the same thing a long time ago! Its just we used a bicycle pump to launch it high. We made it look lots nicer with quality materials, and call it a NTR(Nissan Technology Rocket). We are able to lung it using an air fresher, bicycle pump, baking soda and even alcohol. Expect an instructable&nbsp; soon!<br />
how about coke in syringe and mentos in the rocket
It probably won't work, as the coke/mentos reaction is triggered by the rough surface of the mentos moving through the coke(like shaking it up really fast), which means you have to have the mentos falling through the carbonated beverage. Unless you had some type of dropping mechanism and maybe used salt or pixy sticks instead of mentos.
hey the messy rocket is so cool
Interesting, Interesting... I'm Intrigued I will have to try this out, though the reaction seems to take a whole bottle and a whole pack of Mentos. I wonder if a reduced ratio would work.
Oops I may have accidentally tossed the rocket supplies from my room in a mass clean/purge. the test may take longer than expected because I won't have much time till after exams to scavenge all the materials. If you try it out make sure to tell me how it went.
Oops srry i didnt see the last part. =) Srry. <br/>
This is very creative. I have a suggestion, mabye baking soda and vinegar would propel the rocket better?
i do use baking soda and vinegar
dont shoot the cat, best safety line evar
that sludge looks sketchy
i love the name!
This is cool. +1.
No problem.
<em>cough</em> <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/EWT5JBMBNTEXCFGMGK/">did it</a> <em>cough</em><br/>
this one has a coolio launcher. awesome instructable +1

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