Metal Box Bending Tool Made at





Introduction: Metal Box Bending Tool Made at

To bend all four sides of a metal box I made a tool for the metal "brake" (i.e. bender ) (figure 1)

The "fingers" of the brake interfered with the final bending of the box (fig 2,3)
I solved the problem with a (hot rolled) steel angle bar cut and notched fig (4,5)
The bar replaces the fingers of the brake, entering from the box end instead of the side.

The bar was cut and shaped with an abrasive chop saw (figures 6 & 7)



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    I don't understand ...
    can you please add some more description, and some pictures...

    I would like to see.
    1. the bend without your tool (the problem)
    2. step by step with your tool (the solution - and how it works).
    3. a description of critical measurements such as 'this length equal to the lenght of the box side...

    Your idear looks good but unless your instuctable has more detail its not an instuctable - just a 'look at this mysterious machine'