Metal Bucket Product Displays - I made it at TechShop!

Picture of Metal Bucket Product Displays - I made it at TechShop!
final beta.jpg
A local start up food company contacted me to see if I could help them with a promotional sales display for their new line of hot sauce. What developed was a graffiti covered metal bucket with wooden inserts to hold the bottles up to viewer height with their logo applied to the front.
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Step 1: Planning

Picture of Planning
First - considerations went into how the final product would look, and how the support system would work. After a brief prototyping phase, we landed here:

Step 2: Measuring and planning

The original plan was to deliver 40 total of two different display sizes - for this reason, and for ease of manufacturing when reordering, I decided I would take the time to cad out the design specs so the items could be replicated on the ShopBot router at TechShop.  If you are unfamiliar with Techshop, you can read about them here:  Techshop.Com   Techshop offers access to state of the art design and manufacturing equipment, software and tools.  They also offer classes and training to help you get up to speed and get your creative juices flowing.  I do all of my layout work in Adobe Illustrator because its the program I have the most experience with, but many layout programs will offer you the ability to export what you are doing into a format that can be used on the ShopBot.  This tutorial is not designed to teach software processes or hardware safety, so please do the correct thing and get yourself some training :)  Measuring for the process consisted of determining how far down into the bucket the "table top" should sit that holds up the product, subtracting out  the thickness of the table top material and considering the rest of the space to the bottom of the bucket to be the leg length.