Step 5: Results

Picture of Results
Now I did this because I wanted to show you that metal casting in Sugru CAN be done. If I spent more time use the mold, then my results would have been even more accurate.

Take a look at the Buddha on the intro. I Cast that using this same method. The mold I used was just more used and very well broken in.

Here are the pictures of my results:
klayla4 years ago
So you're casting with solder? That doesn't seem like a very good idea as solder tends to pit when casted. Just curious, interesting instructable though.
jimmiek4 years ago
How high a temp will this material stand before it won't work (in degrees F please, I don't do Euro measurements)
nepheron (author)  jimmiek4 years ago
A naked flam will instantly wreck the Sugru.However, the Sugru website says it can withstand 400 degrees F or so. It certainly withstood molten metal being poured in...it's pretty tough stuff!
now i would predict this to be the winner..
but anyway i am sure you would at least be a finalist
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nepheron (author)  michaelgohjs4 years ago
Thanks! I just need votes when voting starts, then I'll have myself a leatherman and some more sugru!!
i got the free sugru pack..but because my SAT test is right before the closing date and i just got my sugru few days ago, i wont be able to do an instructable..
so my vote goes to you
nepheron (author)  michaelgohjs4 years ago
Thanks!!!!!!!! :D
kscott4 years ago
I've never used this stuff so I've got a few questions -
1) It looks like the sugru is molded & then "hardens" - How long does that take?
2) How well does the mold hold up? About how many replicas will it make and how long will the mold stay "fresh"? How precise is the replica?
3) Will it cast plastics?
nepheron (author)  kscott4 years ago
It takes 24 hours for the Sugru to harden. Shrinkage is pretty much unnoticeable.

The mold feels like the rubber from a car tire.

I don't know how long the mold will last. Expect several dozen casts.

The replicas are pretty darn good after the fourth cast. Do not get water on the mold.

I have never used plastic for casting, so I don't really know.

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CyborgGold4 years ago
Nice Instructable! Great thinking finding this use for Sugru as well. I would recommend people NOT use lead based solder however, seeing as how the stuff is poisonous and what not, its just a safer way to go.

Will the Sugru mold hold up to use with other metals? i.e. something with a much higher melting point.