Metal Clothes Rack


Introduction: Metal Clothes Rack

This is part of what I did for my eagle project. It was fairly simple and not very costly. From experience I have learned DO NOT GO TO LOWES. They charge too much. I went to Menards and got everything I needed for 4 racks for literally half the price of Lowes.

Step 1: Gather Your Matetials

What will be needed for this 3 foot rack is simply 3- 3-ft by 1/2 inch steel pipe 4- 90° elbows (half inch) 4- 1/2in tees 10- 3x1/2 steel nipples 2-18 inch 1/2in pieces 1- union And 4- 1/2 floor flanges

Step 2: Note:

Warning: some pipes may be oily and you WILL (I promise) have dirty hands for a few days! now when I made mine I used Tees at the bottom and included more 3in pipes...I will later put a board across the bottom to act as a shoe rack.

Step 3: Start to Put Together the Rack

Start with the square frame. Start at the top connecting the elbows and screwing in the vertical 3 foot pipes. Now put together the legs of the structure (the floor flange is not pictured) please note the union and 18in pieces must go on last!

Step 4: Tighten

Tighten up all the pipes and enjoy this cheap (in price, not quality) piece of metal!

Step 5: Additions

You can add a board at the bottom to make a shoe rack and to add stability!



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    Is there any way to add casters to the bottom so it will roll around? Looks like an easy to do and economical project.

    How is the overall stability of the rack? Could longer rails be used or do you think a 3rd set of feet would be needed?

    in total how much would you say this cost to make?

    Please feel free to ask any questions or improvements