Metal Crispy Critters


Introduction: Metal Crispy Critters

About: Art made from scraps. Instagram: Ollysartsnscraps

turtles are made out of these old steel turtle coaster i had found at an antique shop with welded nuts and washers for their shells
the trex's were made out of cresent wrenches and the other out of pliers
the lowriding dino is made out of antique pliers
feel free to post your own, id love to see what you come up with



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    You are very talented, I need to learn how to weld

    These are amazing, very imaginative, great job!

    Too bad i cant click on the thumbnails to get larger pics, but at least you took reasonable good closeups.

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    Try disabling your add-ons... I have to disable my 'Donot track' add-on before i can get the thumbnails to work. I'm using Firefox but there will be something similar which you can do in your browser.

    I am using Firefox, but none of my "safety-scripts" are enabled for instructables (as far as i know anyways :) But I will give it a look-see, already tried the usual cache/cookie clearing. Thanks for the suggestion.

    hopefully these help, thank you