A scrap metal sculpture of a Dude playing drums. everything is welded onto a 5" X 5" piece of 1/4" cold roll flat metal. complete with a clear coat of paint!
<p>that is the coolest thing ever</p>
<p>how dare you they are NOT DRUMMERS they are percussionists STOP using drummer it is an insult to all of us percussionists</p>
Make the next one out of lead or maybe brass for a heavy metal set. Good job.
Well done <br>Can't wait to see your next sculpture :D
looks very cool some instructionl steps, what kind of welder etc, would be nice.
Well, its pretty simple, just scrap metal, and a base to weld it all on. i used a Mig welder on this. I will try to take pictures and whatnot for the next sculpture I make. <br>
This would be perfect for the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Monthly-Challenge-Big-and-Small/">Big and Small Challenge</a>!
I entered it the metal challenge, but I will look into that. Thanks! <br>

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