Metal Embossing (cool Ornaments)





Introduction: Metal Embossing (cool Ornaments)

Use a 20-ton hydraulic press to emboss a design made from 16 gage wire into 22 gage sheet metal. The embossing designs can then be pressed into many different sheet metal projects. This instructable was created by Hyde Middle School students as an instructional aid during their metal shop classes.

Step 1: What You Will Need

20 ton press
card stock paper
scotch tape
16 gage wire (galvanized steel)
22 gage sheet metal (steel)

Step 2: Make Pattern

Cut out a 6 inch x 6 inch card stock that will be used to tape your design onto.

Step 3: Draw a 1" Boarder Around Card Stock

Draw a 1inch boarder around the 6 inch x 6 inch card stock material.

Step 4: Draw Your Design in the Middle Box.

Try to keep the size of your design limited to the middle box. Keep your design simple. Have your instructor approve your design.

Step 5: Add 16 Gage Wire

Bend the 16 gage wire to the shape of your design. You may want to use forming pliers or needle nose pliers to help bend the wire. You can bend the wire around just about anything that will help you achieve the shape you want for your design.

Step 6: Tape Down Wire

Use scotch tape to tape down the wire design.

Step 7: Begin to Press

Set finished pattern on the press.

Step 8: Insert 22 Gage Sheet Metal

Set the 22 gage 6 inch x 6 inch piece of sheet metal on top of your pattern.

Step 9: Insert Rubber Pad

Set the 1inch red rubber pad onto the sheet metal.

Step 10: Pump the Lever on the Press Up and Down

Make sure that the pressure valve is turned clockwise until it is closed. Pump until the gauge reads 6,000 lbs. of pressure or until it gets hard to pump.

Step 11: That's It, You're Finished!

File all corners with a single cut file until they are rounded. Sand the corners, front and back surface with 220 sand paper. You can put a finish of your choice such as paint, rusting solution, or a clear coat to protect your project. Drill a hole in it the top and you can hang it up to show all of your friends your cool personalized metal emboss.

This Instructable was created by and for Hyde Middle School students for instructional aid during their Metal Shop classes.



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This is fantastic. Can you tell me where to buy the rubber pad? Thank you so much for posting this! By seeing this, you've put this into my eyesight that I haven't seen before.

Do you know of a supplier for the 1" rubber pad ?

I was looking for something like this i have never imagine to use something so simple like a wire with that nice finish Thanks for sharing

I plan to make a press and I don't have any rubber pad so can I use a block of wood instead?

If you don't have a hydraulic press, but would like to do something similar, you can use soda cans that you have opened and flattened, and work on them with clay tools, as you back the piece with foam core. The edges are EXTREMELY sharp, and don't fold easily, but I made a piece and attached it to a driftwood frame after "pewtering" it with black acrylic paint. It was really pretty.

Great stuff.

I'd like to try that with the pressing wire made into a name.

I don't have a press but I'm thinking that if I leave it under my cars tire overnight  it might do the trick.

nice i like metal most of elective ever//././/./

ha what are the odds of someone having a 20 ton press?!?!

Very good, actually. maybe not 20 tons, but your car jack (and car) can be jury rigged to do this same thing.

What type of rusting solution would you use? And a top coat - what is appropriate for a metal topcoat finish? Thanks and GREAT Instructable - I will look for more from you!