Step 7: Install induction lamp

This step will vary depending on which brand housing and induction lamp you are working with but it is now time to mount the induction lamp onto the top plate in the same location as the original halide bulb.

I made a paper template to ensure everything lined up properly.

First I had to trim a bit of the circumference from the original hole in the top plate (marked in red) to clear the mounting holes in the base of the induction lamp.

I also drilled a 3/8" hole in the top plate to allow the wires from the induction lamp to pass through.

Then I made a 2" mounting plate out of 1/4" steel and notched slots for the 4 mounting screws. This allows the original top plate to be "sandwiched" between the induction lamp and the mounting plate.

Once you are sure everything looks good and fits right, go ahead and remove the mounting plate and hit it with some white paint to make it pretty and keep if from rusting and reassemble.

When you are done, screw on the glass induction lamp cover onto the induction lamp.