QUICK! It's nearly the night of the halloween party and you don't have all your Jedi costume put together! What do you do?!

Maybe this will help. This is my metal lightsaber built mainly from plumbing parts. It can be done in just a few minutes assuming you can find these parts.

It cost about $20.

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I was inspired by this Instructable:


Here is the parts list:

1.25" Drain:

1.5" Extension:

1.5" Slip nut:

1.5" Faucet hole cover:

Masking tape or similar


Black duct tape

Hot glue

Motor or rotor from hard drive

There isn't really a good way to do this without standing in the store and putting stuff together to see what you think looks good. I'll admit, I stood in the plumbing aisle for a while doing this, and the plumbing clerk thought I was crazy (but never asked to help. Fear? lol). If you like this design and can find these exact parts, then you might can skip dry fitting most of it in the store.

Step 1: Drain Assembly

Remove the rubber and metal washers and arrange them like so.

The rubber one will give the pipe extension a place to but up against.

Screw the metal washer all the way down to the lowest threads. This will make your saber as long as possible.

(If you want it to be longer, use the 12" extension. I went with 6" because it was long enough for me and I didn't feel like cutting metal)
<p>where did you get your light saber parts???</p>
<p>i'm trying to make one all made up of stuff like a lightsaber made out of things in this time and how they each would look like</p>
Sounds cool. Post a photo when you're done!

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