Step 2: Tools

-Ballpien hammer. Prefer a ballpien but it's not entirely necessary.
-Torch and brick or forge. I have a forge, but a propane torch with a wide head or an oxy acetylene turned on low with a rosebud will do. (this is somewhat optional. If you need to anneal your copper/brass first you will need this. Some stuff you buy comes pre annealed and finished. If your metal is overly stiff you'll want this)

-Glue (good idea to have around but not completely necessary)
um. some ppl wont really have that thing u use to squish those thingies. metal bits.!!!! so ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
what, a hammer?
This is a good method for someone's first flowers. Once someone has had some more experience with the metal (and if they can somehow find all the time), they might consider hammering the petals into shape before they place it on the stem. For a comparison of how that looks, I used on the rose I posted in "show, tell, and brag."
It's spelled "peen". You offer up two flowers in the beginning, bit seem to make a different one? You could add an additional instructable on how to weld, and how to make patinas to gain color on your copper flowers. Nice work.
ah crap i knew i forgot to edit something. i'm aware that this isn't my most coherent instructable ever but really i was just showing how to do the basics, not one specific flower. This method can be applied to most flowers you'd want to make, though.
You <em>can</em> still edit it. <br/>
yeah i will.
Takes me back 30 years when I had a small forge..... *sigh* <br/>
Nice job! I remember one someone forged some flowers. Cool!
I remember doing this with a square of copper to make a budding rose I gave it to a girl I liked at the time and she even held it in her senior photos. if you do a rose drip some rose oil on it to make it smell like the real deal...
Very neat!!! thats a great idea!

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