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This is my first post on Instructables!

This is not really an instructable, just a showcase of what I built.

So, this summer I decided I had to build a portal gun, and it could NOT be built out of plastic.

The shell is made out of a steel grade scuba tank, rusted on the inside.

Step 1: Planning

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I encourage others to try this design out, but I myself would make a few suggestions.

Main shell: Try to find a tank made out of aluminum. This thing ways 12 pounds!

Other parts: Why not make the whole thing out of aluminum?! It does not rust, so that is an advantage.

Step 2: Construction

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The gun's main reactor and emitter are held in place by a single aluminum bolt that runs from the shell to the emitter. This is visible in the picture of the operational end of the device, which you should NOT stare down.

Anyway, please like and share, and have a try at building your own!

Please vote if you like CAKE!!!

-Ben Shamblin

PS: I will upload the full instructions if you guys want me to! Just let me know in the comments section.

PPS: More full Instructables coming soon, including a sonic screwdriver and some other junk.


Treker2 (author)2015-08-11

Awesome!!! When portal 2 meets steampunk!!!

Ben Shamblin (author)Treker22015-08-15


mcfunworld (author)2015-08-04

this is great I voted for you in both contests. I <3 portal

Ben Shamblin (author)mcfunworld2015-08-10


dmwatkins (author)2015-07-31

Looks great though!

Ben Shamblin (author)dmwatkins2015-08-01


carver166 (author)2015-07-31

Can double as a giant, metal, virus.

Ben Shamblin (author)carver1662015-07-31

Ha! It does look kind of funny

MarcoG6 (author)2015-07-30

dose it work lol

Ben Shamblin (author)MarcoG62015-07-31

I have not tried it on a wall painted with ground-up moon rocks yet.


amberrayh (author)2015-07-30

Looks cool. Thanks for sharing!

Ben Shamblin (author)amberrayh2015-07-30

You're welcome!

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