This Instructable will show you how to make a metal reindeer sculpture.  I made mine out of stainless steel since I had the material on hand.  I made this for my wife who had seen one somewhere else and wanted one.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


Wheel Grinder
Hack Saw
TIG Welder
Rotary tool with stainless steel wire brush wheel
Bolt Cutters


1/8 inch diameter stainless steel rod
3/16 inch diameter stainless steel rod

Not all of the tools in this list are required, but will make the construction much easier.  Your build may need more or less than what I show.  This may also vary based on the material that you construct your marble track and cabinet with.

NOTE: If you plan on using any tool for a project please make sure you are familiar with the tool and all of the dangers associated with it. If you are not familiar with a tool then you should ask someone who is to show you the proper way to use it. A lot of communities have classes at local colleges on the proper use of tools and machinery. There are also local woodworking clubs that offer classes at very reasonable rates for beginners. I highly recommend using these resources for your safety and for the most efficient use of the tool.

Always wear eye and hearing protection.
Always work safe with the proper safety equipment and guards on your tools.

<p>This is simply beautiful. Very artistic. If possible please post the video of how you made <a href="http://www.ritinoxoverseas.com/" rel="nofollow">metal</a> reindeer, because I really want to give it a try.</p>
Gonna produce 2 of these for the wife, she will love them and I'll get brownie points. Many thanks
This is one of the most charming pieces I've seen. <br> <br>Very modern too! <br> <br>You could sell these. :) <br>
Thanks for the kind words.
Very pretty! Simple, plain, beautiful!
Thanks. I appreciate that.
I wonder if this could be made from large paperclips? Although I'm not sure if paperclips can be soldiered or welded. Are they aluminum?
That would be a tiny reindeer. I would love to see that. Great idea.<br><br>I don't think paper clips are aluminum, but I've never really checked into it.
That looks really sweet! Nice job :) Love the antlers!
Thanks for the kind words. Still working on the welding thing and probably will for a long time.

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