I have been cleaning out my shop, and I found this old sculpture that I made. I decided to share it with the instructables community because I like the sculpture and I haven't seen anything like this. It is fairly easy to make, all you need is some wire and needle-nose pliers.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

To make this tree you will need:
      -Wire cutters
      -Knife   (Optional)

~ Materials:
      -Thick wire (24 in)
      - Multiple strands of 12-14 gauge wire
      - Single strands of bare Al or Cu wire (depending on what you use for the rest of it)
      - Nuts, batteries, etc...   (optional )

*note: I use thick twisted Al wire and single strands of Cu

Step 2: Preparing the Trunk

To prepare the wire you will use to make the trunk, shave away the insulation surrounding the thick wire.

Step 3: Making the Roots

To form the roots that make up the base,  "fray" the wire for about 3 inches. bend the wires so that is looks more like actual roots.

Step 4: Forming the Branches

For the branches, do the same thing you did for the roots, but for about 6 in. Bend the branches inward to form the spreading arms of a tree.

Step 5: Adding Some Flavor

You could stop here, but you would have a really boring tree. To add some spice, take the single strands and wrap them around the trunk and interweave them into the branches. 

* Another cool idea, if you have a brazing torch, try melting the trunk so the colors blend more. I think it would be really cool, but I am currently out of O2 for my torch, and can't try it.

Step 6: Fruit...

To give your tree even more personality, add some fruit. I have used nuts here, but on other trees I have used batteries, scrap metal, etc. You could even make this into a pen holder for your cubicle. Use your imagination. To attach my nuts, I looped the nut and twisted the wire around itself. To add this into the tree, just weave it in like you did with the single strands.

Step 7: Find a Place to Plant Your Tree

When you plant your tree, you want to have it just where you want it. I like putting mine on lamps, bedposts, desks,...                                                                         
When you have found your place, use the roots to stabilize and hold the tree in place.
Wonderful! Am inspired to grow my own version. Will share when done.
Incredible. What will I discover next on instructables? This is real art with intention to inspire. I'm afraid I made one but someone thought it was trash scrap and tossed it away into the dumpster. Hurt my feelings so I won't do another.
Thanks. I'm glad you like it.
Nice, I like the way you used two different colours of wire, the fruit is pretty cool too.

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