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From Kingdom Hearts, this is a wayfinder made out of metal. I was inspired from all Instructables that made jewelry using coins, so I thought I would try. I would have used polish and solder to make it better, but I didn't have enough money. Regardless, it looked amazing when I finished. I hope to make an improved version later, since several people liked it when I showed it around. People that are fans of Kingdom Hearts would love to have something like this, and the process is simple.


dombeef (author)2011-04-26

I voted for you, do you want to vote back?

username252 (author)dombeef2011-04-26

Sure, I'll vote for your stuff.

dombeef (author)username2522011-04-27


sillyzombie666 (author)2011-04-25

i voted for you man


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