Picture of Metal and Wood Table
Hello this instructable will go through basic steps to make a solid, large work bench or work desk for your home or business area.

- Made at Techshop (
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Step 1: Buy materials

Materials used for this work desk:

4 leg pieces - I used 2"x2" square profile steel tubing, 1/8" thick, 28" long (after final cut)
4 square table mounting pieces - 6"x6" x 1/4" thick steel, wit 4 holes drilled near corners to attach final welded legs to wood table underside
4 metal bases - One large 12" x 40" x 1/4" thick steel piece which was plasma cut to make 4 bases for the 4 legs
Metal cost:  ~$60-80 depending on where you go to get the metal and if you can use some scrap/salvage metal

1 solid core wood door - cut down to specific size, 32" x 60" birch, 1 3/8" thick
Wood cost:  ~$80

Wood stain + polyurethane varnish (or spray cans) - I used matte for wood, gloss for metal legs to increase shine
Wood mounting screws
Felt sticky pads to put under table legs and prevent floor scratches (+ allow easy movement)
Supply cost:  ~$40

Total work desk cost:  ~$200
Comparable furniture design store cost:  $1500-$3000

Step 2: Cut metal bases to length

Picture of Cut metal bases to length
Use horizontal band saw to cut metal leg pieces to correct length.  Typical sitting table height is about 29" so I cut the legs to 28".  This allows 1 3/8" for the top wood, 1/4" + 1/4" for the metal leg top and bottom pieces and ~1/8" for the carpet/sliding fabric to be put under the metal legs to prevent floor scratches.

Step 3: Polish legs

Picture of Polish legs
Use hand-grinder and course lap wheel to polish metal legs.  They can be put next to each other and moving back and forth you can create a scintillating pattern along the length of the leg for effect.

Step 4: Plasma cut metal bases

Picture of Plasma cut metal bases
Using Corel Draw, you can create any pattern for the plasma cutter to carve out desk feet.  I chose a rounded triangle pattern shown cut out of the 1/4" metal piece.  Plan to make more bases than you need to  have 1-2 spare if needed.
I love this Instructable. I have a desk that does not please me. It once served a purpose but now needs an upgrade. This desk is simple to construct and, being a welder myself, is in the range of my abilities. Attractive, utilitarian and damned well built. Be proud, for sure, of your achievement! I'm surprised to not see a great deal more comments!
philo271 (author)  pddonovan20111 year ago
Hey thanks very much. If you're a welder than you can do this no problem. Best of luck with your builder projects.
That table is really beautiful and so well constructed! Nice :D
philo271 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
Hi Penolopy,
Thanks for the comment on my table and I love your cool rainbow hair! Totally awesome and I've never seen that before either :)
nettro12 years ago
This is really nice. Really. Now where did I put my plasma cutter? Maybe I loaned it to a neighbor?
Prototyp 812 years ago
nice setup :)