Step 3: Polish Legs

Use hand-grinder and course lap wheel to polish metal legs.  They can be put next to each other and moving back and forth you can create a scintillating pattern along the length of the leg for effect.
I love this Instructable. I have a desk that does not please me. It once served a purpose but now needs an upgrade. This desk is simple to construct and, being a welder myself, is in the range of my abilities. Attractive, utilitarian and damned well built. Be proud, for sure, of your achievement! I'm surprised to not see a great deal more comments!
Hey thanks very much. If you're a welder than you can do this no problem. Best of luck with your builder projects.
That table is really beautiful and so well constructed! Nice :D
Hi Penolopy, <br>Thanks for the comment on my table and I love your cool rainbow hair! Totally awesome and I've never seen that before either :)
This is really nice. Really. Now where did I put my plasma cutter? Maybe I loaned it to a neighbor?
nice setup :)

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