Metal Flower Without Welding


Introduction: Metal Flower Without Welding


I inspire myself from that Instructable: but I made my flower from coffee can metal and I screw all together instead of welding it. It was easy and fast.

As it was just a test, I did not take step by step photos. Next one...

P.s. Sorry for all the grammar mistake, english is not my first language...



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    Your english is better than my french. In any language, this is beautiful. Congratulations.

    That's way cool! I wouldn't assume, but I have to ask anyway, is your native language spanish?

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    Native language is french...
    thank's for the comment!

    That is really cool! Do you have any more information about how you cut out the pieces and put it all together?

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    If you go on the link that I give to the other Instructable, you will see the 3 pieces shape. Basic is 3 circles cut on a 5 points star. I just stack the 3 pieces together on the screw with washer and nut.

    Hope it help...