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This Instructable will show you how to make a very simple ninja star with something everyone probably has in their house and you can also make chili with it!!!!(dont throw this at anyone it can really hurt someone,i got my to peirce 3 inchs of drywall.)this pic isnt the real nija star you will be building srry.

Step 1: Gather Materials

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To make the ninja star you will need:

-One large tomatoejuicecan(works the best)
-A can opener with the pointy thing as in the picture.

Step 2: Step 2

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Step2:Make 2cuts with the pointy part of the bottle opener across from eachother like shown in the picture.I didnt have any tomatoejuice so I used a tuna can but the large tomatoe juice can works the best. You will have alot of trouble making it if you don't have a tomatoe juice can.

Step 3: Step3

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Now do the same thing just turn the can and make 2 more cuts across from eachother as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Step 4

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Now cut between all the other cuts evenly as shown in the picture.

Step 5: Step 5

For this step cut on the 8 flaps and then it should have sharp points on it,do this on the next 7 flaps and it should fall to the bottom of the can but if one of the points is still stuck to the can take pilers and twist it off...................then find a flat surface that is hard like your garage cement and then take a rubber malet or your feet and flaten the points so they are level and your done.Srry there are no pics for becuase my camera ranout of batteries. Try making 2 ninja stars and then hotgluing them together for a stronger impact or something like that.


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tinker234 (author)2011-08-20

hey idead could i add for fun a small static charger to the metal so in thery i would have a nija star knock down strike evry time

Landon Sullivan (author)2008-03-04

I wouldn't suggest hammering it out on the cement... it chips too easily. I would suggest some sort of strong metal sheet, or an anvil.

if u use a rubber mallet it wont chip the concert or whatever it rubber

bears0 (author)2011-02-16

i had an old cassette tape eraser that had metal that held in the magnets and i made a real one. now i can say i made my shaken out of a cassette tape eraser.

Their response: "You made THAT out of WHAT!!!!!!!"

behme (author)2010-10-26

Cool, this is much more reliable than some of the other sites i've visited.

goldninja (author)2010-06-26

looks just like my real one

goldninja (author)2010-06-26

that is one awsome shuriken

sgps (author)2010-03-02

stop calling them "ninja stars"
i know because i have my own
this is a proper shruiken

DannytheGreat (author)2010-02-04

man, I was wondering if anyone else had thought of this.

orange dilemma (author)2008-11-27

seriously? epic fail all these people making "ninja stars" but yet they don't even know the real name for it! I hate it when people call them ninja stars!! they are call ed shuriken oh and myserious ninja of fire-it isn't shaken but shuriken trust me my bro takes classes were he uses them and japanese swords and japanese bow and arrows and other asorted traditinal japanese weapons.

Wayne55 (author)orange dilemma2010-01-26

I'm sorry but your also wrong and right at the same time.

I teach Shuriken Jutsu .
firstly the word Shuriken is from very old Japanese and translates as "Sword in the Hand " .

the modern confusion over the terms arises in the translation from the Japanese Kanji the word for the round spike is Bo-Shuriken (stick shuriken), the term for the round flat disk shuriken was Hira- Shuriken or Kurumaken (wheel/disk shuriken) or simply Shaken. 
the terminology depended entirely on which Ryu  (school) the tool came from - each Ryu's blade style was usualy so distinctive that the Ryu could be identified by the blade shape.

but, the majority of the older Ryu taught the  terms for the multi pointed throwing knife is a shaken, a shuriken is a spike that is thrown.

a Shaken is a type of shueiken stupid

Flumpkins (author)Thundertydus2009-04-27

You're calling him stupid? If your going to put someone down for "being stupid" at least spell correctly.

Thundertydus (author)Flumpkins2009-04-28

Spelling mistakes don't increase stupidity, lack of knowlage (Specificially that you don't know said rule) Does.. Dumbass

I do sincerely hope, to a level you do not even understand, that your misspelling of "knowledge" was intentional...

Unless, of course, you were referring to the urban dictionary definition (which happens to be rather crude), of "knowlage", in which case I have NO CLUE'' as to how that could increase stupidity....

Flumpkins (author)Thundertydus2009-04-29

Your icon is correct.

Thundertydus (author)Flumpkins2009-04-29

Lol, Ty

Flumpkins (author)Thundertydus2009-04-29

I should actually try that. I never use that. So I am kind of used to fixing my own typos. If I have a typo it was probably done just to use slang.

Sir spicious (author)2010-01-18

real shuriken are actually illegal at least in SA & wherever the mythbusters live

neotom666 (author)2009-12-04

I LOVE MINJAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!(midget ninjas)

by the way... you have the internet.  Before you call someone stupid for using terms that are correct (the hole shaken discussion), USE THE FREEKIN INTERNET for research.

Makes you look like a redneck that just found a aol 3.0 disk.....

An Villain (author)2009-08-18

i did this a long time before this was posted, i did it because we couldn't find our real can opener.

thefoodman (author)2009-07-28

i have the excact same star as the one on the first picture

I complement you on the quality of the instructable but on the purpose not so well i made this sitting here at my desk i threw it at a pile of hay and it bounced of and was bent i suggest experiemnting and finding a newer cheaper bigger cooler way of making a shaken (the term for a ninja star) maybe make one out of pencils that one i would read

it's shuriken!! not shaken grrr

Camisado (author)mr.space2009-02-05

Shaken is a type of Shuriken.

I_AM_A_NINJA (author)2009-01-24

yeah you guys are right your pretty smart at this

scott8692 (author)2008-12-09

sheet metal sounds more realistic cuz who has an anvil lying around

The Jamalam (author)2008-07-29

added you to all out ninjas group :D

hellpilot (author)2008-06-19

Um yeah...i kinda threw it out my window and um, kill my um neighbors cat.


No not really. But it did go through my window!

Were you trying to stick it to the side of your house or were you throwing it outside?

Landon Sullivan (author)2008-03-04

is that a dog sitting in the top of the picture?

i think he should make an instructable on how to make that mini dog you can tell its not in the distance,so it has o be mini

minisize* me!

mini size instead of supersize

lemonie (author)2007-05-24

What is it with the Ninja stars and Shuriken? Please at least remove the metal from the chicken-can before publishing. A battery can be recharged / replaced... L

ninjaimasta (author)lemonie2008-02-28

tuna can

ArtemisBlue (author)ninjaimasta2008-03-04

Nope, chicken. Chicken...BY THE SEA!

airsoft101 (author)2008-02-19

OK just made one don't think this is anything close to a real ninja star the foregone thing just bent when I pulled it out.

camondascia (author)2008-02-04

does anyone have a dremel??? I am a blade smith I make custom knives and swords and have been in the business for over five years i now make my throwing weapons via forge but when I was younger my four brothers and me used to take apart old bicycles and cut up the sprockets and make shaken (ninja stars) there is an almost unlimited potential in those little things and we got a lot of really cool designs out of these and if you have a decent target (one with the grain facing you not vertical or horizontal) you can even leave the gear whole and just sharpen the teeth. but this only works on the smaller ones the bigger ones generally have too much mass and don't stick well for the size of teeth but the bigger ones make better shaken anyway and they are already tempered so you don't have to worry about them bending due to a miss throw like you do with softer metals (tin and aluminum)

flio191 (author)2008-01-06

I'm sure it might be a little light to work well, but if you worked on the throw... neat idea.

fini2 (author)2007-11-17

thats lame... had to lure um in with the COOL ninja star pic.

musicman386 (author)2007-07-21

its better than some. maybe if you did this twice and glued two of them together it would be tougher. you might even be able to sand and sharpen it a bit.

bob430 (author)2007-06-13


IPlayGuitar (author)2007-06-10

I picked one of those stars up at Knifesource.

master-of-chaos (author)2007-06-05

you know when i saw the beginning picture i thought to my self "hay maybe this isn't like the rest of the same instructables where its made out of flimsy thin metal" but alas here it is i wish i could send this to all like 200 people with a shuriken instructable WE ALREADY HAVE TO MANY OF THESE other than that well made

ginja_ninja (author)2007-05-31

so is the top of the can of cat food or tuna ok

canida (author)2007-05-23

Please republish when you're able to add the rest of the pictures! Thanks.

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