This Instructable shows you how to make pointed or explosive 6mm darts out of household materials.


EDITING NOTES: I first published this back when I was new to the site. Forgive the picture quality, my first camera was pretty terrible and I had no idea how to use it correctly. This project isn't too practical, but still a fun way to spend a few hours.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • Push pins (not thumbtacks, use the kind in the picture)
  • Fast drying adhesive (I used hot glue, but CA glue or hobby glue would work fine too)
  • Cap gun caps (mine came in rings so I had to cut them out)


  • Power drill with a chuck that will securely hold the push pin by its point
  • Wire cutters
  • File- you might want to use a larger one for roughing and a smaller one for finishing
  • Razor knife
  • Cheap spring powered Airsoft gun (I mean it, use a CHEAP one. These darts are very roughly made and can easily damage the inside of an airsoft barrel, or the hop-up system.) I used a 17$ WalMart spring pistol.
  • Wire brush to clean file teeth
does it work in any other type of airsoft guns
I would only use it in cheap guns because it can damage the barrel and destroy the hop-up. i'll add some info about that at some point, thanks for the update
<p>&quot;it can damage the barrel&quot;<br>How ? Barrel is usually brass, dart's plastic. </p>
<p>The steel pin in the middle of the dart can badly scratch the inside of an aluminum or brass barrel. This only happens if the dart is badly made or broken in a way that allows the pin to contact the inside of the barrel. Also, the rough (in comparison with the surface of a BB) surface of the plastic pin body may leave minute amounts of melted residue inside the barrel due to friction, which can increase fouling and decrease accuracy. Therefore, don't shoot these out of a gun that requires high precision accuracy. </p>
<p>Have a crosman 2240, will try these in it. </p>
What is an airsoft dart
<p>Does this Instructable not explain it? </p>
Good stuff I will give it a try
Add weight to the front of the exploding dart to make it fly straight
Make a video of it!!
I really need to reassemble the thing before I do that... I suppose I could, but I need a Youtube account to embed from. <br><br>Let me work on it, it may happen.
ok Thanks
i need to make ammo like this for my potato cannons.......
well, i would reccomend taking hte empty tubes that caulking comes in, and modifying them. with only a few wraps of tape they will fit snugly in a 2 inch barrel, and can be made to fly straight quite easily.
I believe lathing refers to wood
it commonly does, however, metal lathes are also common in some industries. i just said it might be lathing because you are using a tool to shape a spinning object. its just semantics anyway.
Awesome. I might do this on one of those boring summer days =)
thank you

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