This is how we made this :)

Step 1: Make a Template

We used a decoration cat that we already had but you can print somthing on a paper.

Step 2: Cut the Template

Be careful, it can chope your damn finger.

Step 3: Sand Sharp Edges

You don't want it to be sharp and cut everyone who will try to pet the metal cat... haha jk, just sand it.

Step 4: Add Mounting

We welded 2 metal sticks so we'll be able to mount it to the ground.

Step 5: Paint the Cat!

Paint the cat in any color you like. The paint protects the metal from rust so paint it anyway.

<p>Love it, my neighbor has one! </p>
<p>Love it!</p>
<p>Very elegant and extraordinary solution for yard decoration!</p>
Very nice, I voted.

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