Introduction: Metallic Masterpiece

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Step 1: Base Coat

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Cover your wall in a light gray or purple base coat in an eggshell sheen

Step 2: First Color

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Start with your darkest metallic first. We used a bronze. Mark, tape, and paint a few squares, using a damp rag to evenly "rag off" the fresh paint, reviling the base coat

Step 3: Second Color

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After waiting for the first color to dry completely, mark, tape, and paint your second darkest color. We used a copper, with some overlapping slightly with the bronze color, using the same rag off technique

Step 4: Third Coat

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The third color, following the same instructions, is done with a gold color, overlapping both the bronze and copper colors

Step 5: Fourth and Final Coat

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The final coat, with the most overlap, is done with a silver metallic, ragging the fresh paint to show the color underneath


mastersoncraft (author)2014-07-27

Really nice. Love the colours.

lmjagiello (author)2014-07-25

I love this!!! I think I'm going to try this in my new house. Thanks. You have my vote!

This looks awesome!

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