Picture of Metropolis - Knex Ball Machine Elements and Lifts
Hello everyone,
I wanted to post a selection of elements that I used in my latest ball machine metropolis. I can't post all of them with step by step instructions. But you should be able to make most parts by looking at the pictures in this instructable.

Table of contents
Step 1: The Official Video
Step 2: Flat Spiral
Step 3: Spinning Basket
Step 4: Five Ball Basket
Step 5: Ball Seperator
Step 6: Rattling Stairs
Step 7: Free-fall Spinners
Step 8: Zigzag
Step 9: Catcher
Step 10: Halfpipe
Step 11: Red Double Spiral
Step 12: Two Ball Dropper
Step 13: Small Ferris Wheel
Step 14: Flexible Path
Step 15: Rollercoaster Path
Step 16: Quadruple Arm Lift - The wheel
Step 17: Quadruple Arm Lift - How to set up the wheel
Step 18: Wheel Lift - The base
Step 19: Wheel Lift - Middle part & Motor
Step 20: Wheel Lift - The top
Step 21: Fast Corner 

Feel free to comment, criticize or ask anything.

Thanks for looking and have fun building!


Step 1: Metropolis

If you haven't seen Metropolis, go to this link for the slideshow.
Or watch the video here:

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MegaMetal84 years ago
Can you post this one
Kairah (author)  MegaMetal84 years ago
Can't you make it from the pictures? It's not that hard, really... :P
www139 Kairah1 year ago

I built zigzag!

Yeh probably
camodei1 year ago

It'd be awesome if you made a step by step instruction on how you made each piece and then put it all together. Hell...I'd pay for it.

yardking2 years ago
Thank you immensely for the credit!
can you post the big ferris wheel??
Kairah (author)  firebombfury4 years ago
I already took it down but here's a large picture of it: link
here are a total of six white connectors in the center of it.
Fr-Pa-Co Kairah2 years ago
I built it but yours seems to spin faster than mine
cooljupjup2 years ago
he ik ben ook nederlands. heb jij fotos van het platform ?
OZKNEX222 years ago
wish i hade that much pieces
radknexman2 years ago
Im so using it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
=^..^= (cat).
Knexest3 years ago
Do you know if it works with the Black/White balls?
O.o Btw i tested this a while ago and they work on this :p
Lego Andrew3 years ago
Can you also use a big gear instead of 2 medium?
try it
Do balls ever fall off the ball machine?
www1392 years ago
Nice job I really like metropolis it has helped me come up with ideas for my ball machine!I don't need help with the path Deviders anymore I was able to make my own!
www1392 years ago
hi I was wondering if you could give instructions on how to make your path deviders?I like them a lot!
Cool, I use that track a lot so that will help.
Oh god I haven't been on instructables in a long time haha :D Sometime last year.
I'll come back...been doing a lot of YouTube videos since I got an amazing computer :D
Fr-Pa-Co3 years ago
"Version blue with blue rods". I think you meant version two with blue rods
Kairah (author)  Fr-Pa-Co3 years ago
Yup, edited :)
Version blue sounds better
It probably does but I was just following the pattern. The coolest would be version white is with white rods and version blue with blue rods
Makes Sence
Fr-Pa-Co Kairah3 years ago
Cool, btw could you make the video so that you can watch it on iPod iPad and iPhone. I think you do it on settings from YouTube from your computer
how do you build the middle panel in the tower? and how do you install them
Kairah (author)  firebombfury4 years ago
I just used a lot of white connectors instead of rods, to reinforce the tower.
is the middle necessary??
Kairah (author)  firebombfury4 years ago
Nah, it's just for looks. You can just use a normal frame.
every time i put the motor directly on the axle and turn it on, the wheel turns really really fast not like yours in the video, what do i do?
Kairah (author)  firebombfury4 years ago
You can reduce the speed with a small gear on the motoraxle and a large yellow gear on the wheelaxle.
It also makex the strength of the motor bigger
On the wheel lift, is it necessary to have the one side made of solid snowflakes, or can both sides be made of the blue rod frame?

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