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Introduction: Metropolis - a K'nex Ball Machine

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Finally it's done! Metropolis, my second ball machine. It has a total of 12 different paths, 16 if you count all small sidepaths as well. And it consists of many new elements I designed myself.

I have posted the instructions of some elements here:
Link to Instructions

Building time:            Oct '09 - Aug '10

Dimensions:              Width   1.40 m
                                      Depth  1.15 m
                                      Height 2.40 m

Weight:                        48 kg

Number of pieces:    29.873

Enjoy the video and thanks for looking.




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    Only twenty nine point eight seven three pieces? That's funny I would guess it would be more like somewhere around 29,873

    Nice ball machine check out mine

    Wow so cool! I think the most amazing part is that you did it with just 3 motors!

    what k'nex tubing do you think is best for k'nex ball machines?

    I've watched the video like at least 100 times and I still don't know how you got that zig-zag element to work (I've made some myself!!!)


    this is epic beyond beleif. congratulations!

    can you tell me were i can buy this, i would really appreciate it. i love knex and i want to build this thing so if you could please tell me were i can buy it and how much it was thank you.

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    In case you're still wondering, there are no instructions for something like this. He designed and built it over a really long time, and likely bought quite a few extra pieces along the way. I'm working on something similar right now, and it's a lot of patience and taking things apart when they don't work exactly how you want them to

    Truly awesome, This is by far the most colossal K'nex ball machine on instructables and was more than worthy than my time, it is far beyond optimum! You earnt a sub! Keep it up mate ( yes this comment is late...)

    Omg that is the most gigantic knex creation i have ever seen!