Picture of Mexican Blanket Patched and Embroidered Converse High Top Sneakers
I used salesman sample mini Mexican blankets and embroidery floss to mend and repair Converse sneakers. All this makes a funky, one of a kind pair of sneakers.

Step 1: The blankets and sneakers... a nice match

Picture of The blankets and sneakers... a nice match
I have had some "salesman samples" of Mexican blankets that I received in a bulk estate sale for a while.

I kept looking for a way to use them, and I found a perfect way to upcycle them when I bought a $10 pair of white and pink High top Converse at  a Salvation Army for $4.99.
This is awesome!!! Voted and Favorited!!!! I'm going to make these for Cinco de Mayo.
SaintSalvage (author)  General Zod1 year ago
Thanks!!!! Good luck making yours!
Coolest pair of converse. Extremely creative! Personally, love the stichted and rugged look.
Thanks so much!
pfred21 year ago
If Clint Eastwood wore high tops these are the high tops he'd wear.
SaintSalvage (author)  pfred21 year ago
Wow! I'm flattered! That really "made my day"!
DIY93931 year ago
So cool! I love Converse!
ilpug1 year ago
Those look awesome!
SaintSalvage (author)  ilpug1 year ago
Thanks!!!!! They're guaranteed to be one of a kind, too. ; - )
This is amazing. Brilliant mind you have! i love upcycled anything. keep up the good work!
SaintSalvage (author)  buttcheekman1 year ago
Thanks! I have other instructables with upcycled materials. I also use them in DIYs on my blog: http://saintsalvage.blogspot.com/
Oooh, my converse are really getting worn, I'm going to have to try something like this! Thanks for sharing :)
SaintSalvage (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
Thanks! Other materials could be used to patch up Converse: felted sweaters or scarves, denim, etc.....