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Introduction: Mexican Blanket Patched and Embroidered Converse High Top Sneakers

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I used salesman sample mini Mexican blankets and embroidery floss to mend and repair Converse sneakers. All this makes a funky, one of a kind pair of sneakers.

Step 1: The Blankets and Sneakers... a Nice Match

I have had some "salesman samples" of Mexican blankets that I received in a bulk estate sale for a while.

I kept looking for a way to use them, and I found a perfect way to upcycle them when I bought a $10 pair of white and pink High top Converse at  a Salvation Army for $4.99.

Step 2: Cutting, Piecing and Gluing the Mexican Blankets

After washing and drying the sneakers completely, I put household cleaner bottles inside the sneakers. This is to help support the bonding process. Shoe Goo came in handy again.

Then, I cut the ends of the rugs and started the piecing process. I wanted those diamond shapes to be on the outside of the sneakers.

The tongue got decorated with glued-on striped parts of the mini blankets.

Of course, I had to make sure that the Converse "Chuck Taylor" logo wasn't covered.

Here's the inner parts, with stripes all lining up to make sure that the logo is not covered.

Here's the heel end, after having the gray and off-white striped pieces being glued on.

Step 3: Embroider the Mexican Blanket Patches

Now, the embroidering part.... the same embroidery floss I used for repairing the gray and burgundy cashmere sweater.

I embroidered up and down up and down the tongue. I used a blanket stitch around the edges.

I sewed up all the patches all together. I wanted it all to have that patchy feeling.

Here's the inner side, with the embroidery stitches up down and all around.

Step 4: Lace Up the Sneakers and Show Off the Embroidery

Now, to lace it up! I used some round nose pliers to poke holes through the blanket.

Just poke a hole through the blanket, and then push the new laces through....

Here's the finished product..... Front view.

The inner side...

The outer side.....

Ta-dah! Saint Salvage strikes again!



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    This is awesome!!! Voted and Favorited!!!! I'm going to make these for Cinco de Mayo.

    1 reply

    Thanks!!!! Good luck making yours!

    If Clint Eastwood wore high tops these are the high tops he'd wear.

    1 reply

    Wow! I'm flattered! That really "made my day"!

    So cool! I love Converse!

    Thanks!!!!! They're guaranteed to be one of a kind, too. ; - )

    This is amazing. Brilliant mind you have! i love upcycled anything. keep up the good work!

    1 reply

    Thanks! I have other instructables with upcycled materials. I also use them in DIYs on my blog:

    Oooh, my converse are really getting worn, I'm going to have to try something like this! Thanks for sharing :)

    1 reply

    Thanks! Other materials could be used to patch up Converse: felted sweaters or scarves, denim, etc.....