Mexican Paper Picado Flags




Introduction: Mexican Paper Picado Flags


  • Tissue Paper
  • Tape
  • String
  • A Drawn flag template on paper
  • Scissors
  1. Draw a symmetrical picture of what you want your flags to look like. When you do this, it is a lot easier to cut out the flags because you can just fold the template over the paper, and then cut it out like that.
  2. Cut your tissue paper so it is the same size as the piece of paper you are using for your template.
  3. Fold the template on top of your tissue paper in half, so the papers are folded and touching each other.
  4. Cut out the shapes on your template, so it cuts out the shapes on the tissue paper. You may need to fold it at different lengths so you can make the design in different places.
  5. When you are done cutting, unfold the pieces of paper and separate them.
  6. After you do that, cut out a piece of string that is long enough to hang all of the flags on it.
  7. Get a flag you made, and align the top of the flag with the string. Then, fold over the tissue paper about a centimeter over the string, and tape it down. This will make the flags attached to the string.
  8. Repeat this step with all of your flag cutouts, and then you're done! You can hang your banner anywhere, and it is a great piece of decor that will brighten up the small apartment!



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    This name actually does make sense because papel is just paper in Spanish, so instead of saying papel, its paper.


    Mexican "papel picado" flags

    or "picado paper" .

    "Paper picado" makes no sense

    Nice! Looks like a simple, quick way to brighten up any room. Well done!