Step 6: Strain the Sauce

Pour the sauce into a sieve or strainer and strain back into your saucepan. I use a screen sieve that has holes about the size of window screen which seems to work pretty well. Smaller and it will be a pain to get the sauce through, larger and you'll get chunks. As it is, you'll need to take a rubber spatula and work the sauce through the screen. Don't forget to wipe the back of the screen when you are done.
I love this nice and very tasty
Oh yes i forgot; thank you for sharing!
Oh yes i forgot; thank you for sharing!
I wanted this recipe for the use in fried potatoes. Best potatoes ever. The sauce is easy to make, the directions are even easier. I strained it 2x and added more reserve water while boiling. My children thought it to be absolutely the best enchiladas ever (Fried potatoes tomorrow )
<p><strong>delish ... we are Street Smart Chef s on facebook and this is delish... we are using it!</strong></p>
<p>There is a mexican food contest going on right now. This would be a great submission. I thought of making my own, but I looked around to see if there was already a good red chile/ enchilada sauce instructable here and this is great. I grew up with mom making her enchiladas with a sauce just like this. This is extremely authentic:] great job!</p>
Nice ible. This is pretty much the way my mom made it. She was Tex-Mex from the pan handle, so she knew her chili AND chile : )
I love Chile =}<br /> Yummy =]
Here in New Mexico we differentiate between Chili and Chile.&nbsp;<br /> &quot;Chili&quot; is beans and meat....like Texas 3-Alarm Chili and <br /> &quot;Chile&quot;&nbsp;is the actual pepper.... Hatch Green Chile sauce...<br /> <br /> New comers always are in for a surprise when they order Chile Cheese fries and get a basket of fries with Green Chile smothered fries... it always makes me chuckle at their expressions....<br />
I just moved to NM and am pumped to give this a try - now I just need a good green chile recipe. However, I'm curious - how long does it keep in the fridge? If not long, can you freeze it?<br />
You should freeze it if you are not going to use it in a couple of days.&nbsp; The best green chile recipe is the one you like best.&nbsp; Go to a few restaurants and when you find one you really like, ask the cook or owner how they make it.&nbsp; Most will tell you proudly.&nbsp; If they spell chile with an I on the end, they don.t know what they are doing anyway.<br />
"A relative sent me home with a bag of roasted and dried red chili peppers - (ancho I believe)." I suspect you mean "dried," not "roasted and dried." We New Mexicans don't roast red peppers before drying them--- we just wipe them off and put them on the roof for a few weeks.
Here in Mexico, we don't waste the solid stuff left on the strainer. It can be used to add a bit of spicy flavor to other recipes - soups, tamales - or as a base for a milder sauce. We also strain it about 2 or 3 times, or until the solid stuff is really dry. "Gotta get every last drop of flavor, you'll go to hell for wasting food," my grandpa used to say.
Good point. I am usually good about waste not, want not, but I think my focus on the end product took over. I'll add that comment!
looks delicious! very well written instructable, I think I'll try this next time I make fajita's!
Very clear and well written instructions ....Been using this or a variant of it for years for enchiladas thin it a bit add some fired cubed beef for Chili Colorado
very interesting, and tasty looking ill have to give it a whirl next time i make enchiladas

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