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Introduction: Mhkabir's Room-cum-Workshop

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Here are the pictures of my room and my workshop!! Hope you enjoy. Feel free to ask about the things in my room.

Some of the wooden furniture is of my own design and I hope you like them! I couldn't get pictures of my garage workshop today, and I will post 'em soon. Stay tuned for more pics. 

By the way,I know that my room looks a mess!! It always looks like a bomb has gone off in Radio Shack if you see my room when there is work in progress!

My room is where I do all the electronics design - breadboard to PCB,soldering, etc,etc. My garage is where my hardware work is done - woodcutting, welding, drilling and cutting(wish I had a laser cutter)

All the books in the bookshelf are mainly mine and some others belong to my mom and dad. The computer there is used by the family. The laptop and the Mac Mini(in the garage-room) are mine.

I am working on an UAV drone right now and am pretty busy so the garage pics have to wait.



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Kabir = Great , Big

That's awesome, thanks for sharing!

You are welcome! Pls rate!!