Picture of MiG-21 from a Monster Can
This is the "sequel" to my Aeroplane from an aluminium can Instructable  )
This one took me about the same amount of time (and can) as the first one. Unlike the last one, this one is based on a real aircraft which I chose for its simplicity and "Tin Can Practicality" as well as the fact that an aircraft with most of its wing surface area further back requires minimum ballast. This configuration is also more practical than the previous one because of its inherent stability, and it lacks an open front end which causes unpredictable flying patterns.

To build one like mine you'll need
1X Monster can
Fast-drying glue
Tin snips or scissors
Some form of ballast; paperclips, wire, Prestik, putty etc.
Optional: -Fireworks in the form of a small rocket
                 -Add a hook under the nose to rubber-band launch it.
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Step 1: Cut the can

Picture of Cut the can
This is a very simple thing to do and the pictures definitely explain what to do better than I could. The most important thing to do is keep as much of the can usable as you can. Make sure you cut directly down from the top to the bottom and cut even, straight lines as this will make planning where to cut parts out of it easier later on.

Once you have a sheet of aluminium cut from the can, roll it "inside out" to make it more flat.

Step 2: Mark and cut the wings

Picture of Mark and cut the wings
In the first picture you should see the outline of the wings in the bottom-right corner. Do NOT cut along the lines shown, they are the lines which we will fold along. The sweptback angle of the wings is 60 degrees. The shape which will be cut is a rectangle with the sides originating from the back corners of the wings and the top of the rectangle being cut from the top (front) edge of the wing.
awesomecreations (author) 2 years ago
I haven't flown this one much, but it definitely flies much better than the previous one. The furthest I have been able to throw it from standing up on ground level is about 15m before it hit a wall. This material sure is good for something like this because it will crash into a lot of things and have scarcely a scratch or dent. Thumbs up!
nibbles1241 year ago
That would be really cool.
nibbles1241 year ago
You should make an F-22
13, 8:32 PM.jpg
awesomecreations (author)  nibbles1241 year ago
Not really a fan of it, I would rather make a SAAB Gripen or a Mirage IIIR2Z like the one at the Air Force museum I volunteer at on weekends. I just think the Raptor is a little over-promoted and has much bigger funding than most other modern jet-fighters. It is also pretty slow for a modern combat aircraft. Again, this is just my opinion but I appreciate your suggestion :)
nerd74732 years ago
cool dude
awesomecreations (author)  nerd74732 years ago