Introduction: Michelada

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This Mexican favorite is similar to a Bloody Mary, however it uses beer. This drink can be a great refresher with BBQ or steak. I enjoy them in the spring.

You can make the Michelada as spicy or mild as you would like by changing the amounts of pepper or Tabasco.

Step 1: What You Need

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A glass
Celery salt
Clamato or V8
Worcestershire sauce
Beer (you can use any light bodied beer, domestic or import).

Step 2: Salt the Rim

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Cut lime in half and rub rim with lime. Apply salt to the rim. Add ice to the glass.

Step 3: Lime

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Squeeze 1/2 lime into glass over ice.

Step 4: Pepper

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5 - 10 dashes of pepper depending on how spicy you want your michelada.

Step 5: Worcestershire

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Add 1 table spoon of Worcestershire sauce.

Step 6: Tabasco

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Add 5 - 10 drops of Tabasco depending on how spicy you want your michelada.

Step 7: Celery Salt

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A pinch of celery salt.

Step 8: Clamato or V8

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Fill the glass 2/3 with clamato or v-8.

Step 9: Beer

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Fill the glass with any beer of your choice.

Pilsner, lager, amber. DosX, corona, bud light, Budweiser. Any light bodied beer will work.

Step 10: Garnish

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Garnish with a lime wedge and enjoy.


I love spicey drinks, I might just have to try this!

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