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Introduction: Michiels Knex Shell Ejection Gun

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This Is My Knex Shell Ejection Gun.
It Uses The "TheDunkis" Mechanism For The Shell Ejection. Its A Pretty Simple Gun, However It Has A Basic Trigger. I Posted These Instructions 'Cause I Couldn't Find Any Clear Instructions And Because Of That I Took Me Some Time To Get The Mechanism Figured Out. It's Very Accurate ('Cause It Uses Those Shells).
Unfortunately You Have To Cut Two Pieces, I Don't Like That. But You Really Have To. Those Black Ball Sockets Look Similar To The Grey Connectors You Have To Cut, But They Won't Work.

Parts List:

Green Rods: 25
White Rods: 9
Blue Rods: 7
Yellow Rods: 3
Red Rods: 1
Gray Rods: 4

- Gray Connectors: 26
- Orange Connectors: 16
- Yellow Connectors: 11
- Snow Flakes / White Connectors (8 Teeth): 9
- Small Blue Connectors (Smaller Than Single Teeth Gray): 4
- Black Connector: 5

- Blue Spacers: 4
- Gray Spacers (To Make 4 Shells): 12
- Rubber Bands: 3
- Cutten Gray Connectors (Single Tooth, Picture 4): 2

If You Have Any Question Or Problem Or Something... Just Leave A Comment, I'll Help You.

Step 1: Front Part

This Is How To Make The Front Of The Gun.

Picture 1: Make This.
Picture 2: Make This.
Picture 3: Connect.

Step 2: Back Part

This Is How To Make The Back Of The Gun.

Picture 1: Make This.
Picture 2: At The Bottom Add These Three Yellow Rods.

Step 3: Top Gray Rod

This Is How To Make The Top Gray Rod.

Picture 1: Make This.
Picture 2: Connect.

Step 4: Magazine

This Is How To Make The Magazine.

Picture 1: Make This (Easy).
Picture 2: Make This.
Picture 3: Put Picture 2 (The Ammo Pusher) Into Picture 3 (The Magazine).
Picture 4: Attach The Whole Magazine To The Gun.

Step 5: Other Things You Have to Do

This Are All Other Things You Need / Have To Do.

Picture 1: Make This.
Picture 2: Make 4 Of These.
Picture 3: Add A Rubber Band.
Picture 4: Add A Rubber Band.
Picture 5: Add A Rubber Band To The Ram.

Step 6: Loading the Gun

This Is How To Load The Gun.

Picture 1: Prepare Your Bullets.
Picture 2: Pull The Ram Back.
Picture 3: Put The Bullets In The Magazine.
Picture 4: Hold Down The Ammo Pusher And Fire The Gun (So It Won't Fire Any Bullets).
Picture 5: Release The Ammo Pusher And Now You're Ready To Load And Fire The Gun, Have Fun!



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    myles126 is right this gun BLOWS

    this gun dodnt work ram dodnt go through conecters

    I have since made this and it works well. maybe more guns from you in the future?

    2 replies

    I've already made another shell ejection gun (same mechanism) but a bigger one. But i'm not gonna post any instructions 'cause its a large gun. I'll post a slideshow and video soon (up to 2 weeks).

    Actually I was just talking about ordinary knex guns.

    BTW: what did you use to cut the gray connector?

    1 reply

    'Cause you can't use "Black Ball Sockets" (there's a little difference between them): http://knex.com/product_image.php?imageid=70   These are little curved to hold the "Black Ball Joint" (http://knex.com/product_image.php?imageid=69) , the cut gray connectors aren't curved. Unfortunately there's no other way to get this working.

    These cut gray connectors avoid the blue rods, when they are still in the shell, to eject. When you fire, the rod is off and the shell will eject 'cause the mag pusher pushes them up.

    I hope this helped!

    I just built the first step right now!

    Those are the shells: 3 gray spacers connected with tape.
    Have a look at step 6