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Introduction: Mickey's Postcard

About: I like to make things for the internets. I also sell a pretty cool calendar at supamoto.co. You'll like it.

They say that form follows function and I suppose that's true. Most mail is rectangular for easy machine handling, but for me the function is just the three elements of the postcard: two addresses and a stamp. Most people have a fourth element, content, but I've been letting the materials do that talking lately. This way I'm guaranteed to get a phone call where I'm asked, "OK, I got it... does it do anything?"

With the three elements providing the constraints I formed an amoebic connection between them and got rid of the rest. Why take the emphasis away from them? It's better to imagine that they each have their own equal weight in this world and the rest can fall away for all they care since it's their intertwined nature that determines their group fate.

As an unintended result, the finished piece is comfy to hold in your hand. You almost want to start glopping some paint on it to work on your masterpiece. Now if only my favorite paint applicator was a brush instead of a spraycan that might be the case. Or maybe this is a good time to start, who knows?

NOTE: The name is a bit wrong. This was never meant to rekindle memories of Walt's brilliant creation. It just kinda happened even if the proportions are wrong for the little guy.

Step 1: Etch and Cut

This was more of a design experiment than a technical one. So it's a piece of plastic that's been etched and cut. And there ya go.

Not sure what the material was since it was a cheap piece of scrap from Tap Plastics, but man did it stink. A few thousand miles of travel should help get rid of that, but it still haunts my dreams.

Step 2: Mail It Off

The big right ear is for the postage and it did its job just fine.

After five days of travel, this card made it to Brooklyn just fine. Pics of it in its new home in Brooklyn will happen soonish.



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    dude! youre fabulous, i love the dry humor in your writing and your whacky ideas. lol. i had a friend mail a coconut as a postcard from hawaii.

    haha! I tried this and my friend was like.. wtf? you sent me a piece of crap in the mail? Wee I think it's brilliant. Kudos! www.myspace.com/church_of_cool visit me!

    1 reply

    The people I sent this one too weren't too excited about it. I guess i loved the fluid shape more than they did and that's understandable. They'll really dig the next one, though.