• It is already existed one.
  • I just made for Entertainment purposes.
  • But concentrate specifically on this, we could create more INNOVATIVE Projects.

Step 1: Required Components

  1. Double sided tape
  2. phone vibrator
  3. 1.5V battery
  4. Tooth Brush
  5. small piece of cardboard

Step 2: Construction & Working

  1. We need to cut tooth brush head.
  2. Then bend the bristles for to achieve proper movements.
  3. Attach the double-sided tape on both sides of the small cardboard .
  4. Now one side placed on the top of the brush head.
  5. On other of cardboard place battery and phone vibrator.
  6. Finally,we will see its awesome working.
It's nice
<p>I've always wanted to make one of these!</p>
Try this,whenever you get tension it relieved from that...

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