Introduction: Micro Bands Crossbow

Micro bands crossbow - fun toy for kids. Made quickly and easily!

Step 1: Need!

  1. Popsicle sticks x3 (the main form)
  2. Ruler (measurement)
  3. "LoomBands" bands (ammunition)
  4. Marker (decoration)
  5. Glue gun (connection)

Step 2: Mark and Cut!

Mark the hyphen as pictured and cut. Corner - 74°

Step 3: Mark and Cut Again!

Take new stick. Mark the hyphen as pictured and cut!

Step 4: Templates!

You must have 5 templates!

Step 5: Paint!

With marker paint all details!

Step 6: Glue (part 1)!

Glue 2 handle details together (3 and 4)!

Step 7: Glue (part 2)!

Glue details as shown in the picture (2 and 5)!

Step 8: Glue (part 3)!

Glue details as shown in the picture (2 5 and 1)!

Step 9: Glue (part 4)

Glue handle to next glue details (2 5 1 and 3 4)!

Step 10: Done!

Glue handle to next glue details!


pandadude made it! (author)2014-10-01

Interesting idea. You can always be a little clearer in your instructions, and it wasn't immediately clear which parts were necessary and which were for decoration at first from the instructions, but the product is pretty intuitive

tkleinauskas made it! (author)tkleinauskas2014-10-02

Thanks that noticed my mistakes. I tried to correct them all.

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