Micro Bands Crossbow




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Introduction: Micro Bands Crossbow

Micro bands crossbow - fun toy for kids. Made quickly and easily!

Step 1: Need!

  1. Popsicle sticks x3 (the main form)
  2. Ruler (measurement)
  3. "LoomBands" bands (ammunition)
  4. Marker (decoration)
  5. Glue gun (connection)

Step 2: Mark and Cut!

Mark the hyphen as pictured and cut. Corner - 74°

Step 3: Mark and Cut Again!

Take new stick. Mark the hyphen as pictured and cut!

Step 4: Templates!

You must have 5 templates!

Step 5: Paint!

With marker paint all details!

Step 6: Glue (part 1)!

Glue 2 handle details together (3 and 4)!

Step 7: Glue (part 2)!

Glue details as shown in the picture (2 and 5)!

Step 8: Glue (part 3)!

Glue details as shown in the picture (2 5 and 1)!

Step 9: Glue (part 4)

Glue handle to next glue details (2 5 1 and 3 4)!

Step 10: Done!

Glue handle to next glue details!



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    Interesting idea. You can always be a little clearer in your instructions, and it wasn't immediately clear which parts were necessary and which were for decoration at first from the instructions, but the product is pretty intuitive

    1 reply

    Thanks that noticed my mistakes. I tried to correct them all.