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Introduction: Micro-Fiber IPod/iPhone Case

I needed a case to protect my shiny new iPod Touch, The problem was i didn't want a bulky silicone case and nor did i want a fashionable but unpractical one, this and i didn't want to buy something i can make :P

I brainstormed some ideas and my biggest concern was i didn't want the materials to have sharp edges that could scratch the screen, after searching through my some of my limited resources i found some black foam, i also found a microfiber cloth to line the inside of the case with.

As the case is in your pocket or bag the weight of the iPod/iPhone shifts and it rubs against the microfiber cloth which in turn polishes and cleans your device ! Simple !

Now this is how you make it !

Step 1: Materials/Tools

  • Foam (about 5mm thick)
  • Elastic
  • Super glue
  • Microfiber Cloth

  • X-Acto knife
  • Ruler

Step 2: Measuring

A big part of this project is getting the sizing right.
You need to measure
  • Thickness of foam
  • Width of device
  • Height of device
  • Thickness of device

Using this data calculate how big the sections of foam need to be and then map these out an a piece of paper.

Once you have the measurements, mark them out on your foam.

Step 3: Cutting

Now you have your foam all marked out use your X-Acto knife to cut the sections out..

That is all...

Step 4: Assemble and Check

Now you have all the sections cut out you need to assemble them without glue to make sure they fit !

Step 5: Glue !!

Pretty self explanatory, assemble like in previous step but this time with the sticky stuff...

Step 6: Increacing Efficiency

As a utilitarian kinda guy i decided i wanted to cut a two notches to improve my case, one for headphones and one to make it easier to open the case lid/flap

(refer to pictures)

Step 7: Microfibre Inlay

First you will need a micro-fiber cloth, if your mum is around ask her, she may have one in her cleaning stuff. If she doesn't you can buy one from most shops that sell cleaning stuff.

Chances are the cloth will be rather large so you will need to cut it down to size.

Once you have cut it tho sides will be open and the cords will start to come loose, to stop this get a match or a lighter and singe the sides of the cloth, this melts the fibers back together.

Now you can glue it into your case !

Step 8: Red Strap

My case looked a tad boring all black, and the front flap kept on popping up so i decided to make a little elastic strap to keep it in place, You could just use an elastic band but that would be ~~easy~~ lazy...

To make the band I used two old elastic shoe laces, i cut it down to the right size and then used some super glue to hold the ends in place, i then used some red thread to make it stronger

Step 9: Finished !!

There you have it, a functional, stylish, easy-to-use, cheap iPod/iPhone Case !

Thanks for reading/making !

p.s. if you do make this, post a picture !

As usual it would be great if you could comment and vote !

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    Ahh i bought a big few meters of this roll at a vintage rally near me for 50p!

    Its useful for putting over your desk while soldering etc

    aww jeeze, everyone's getting itouches, and then i just played with one on the bus, and i was liek, ZOMG, AWESOME.... i always haz to borrow from friends... =-(

    LOL I KNOW! like everyone i see now a days has one, but mine is better because its jailbroken!

    yep..... I WILL GETS ME ONE SOMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! either that or a paintball gun, or a really good lacrosse stick, or a small lathe, or a small bansaw, or....... BUT I WILL GETS MEH ONE!!!!!!!!

    *HOPS ON BANDWAGON* I WILL GET AN ITOUCH SOMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mine has been jail broken 20 times. i kept having to restore it.

    I'm not for awhile because im waiting for the new 4 generation to come out

    i laugh at every one of you, i got the first 2nd gen to be sold at our walmart, they only got 3 in on the first shipment and were backordered for 3 weeks after that, needless to say, i was lucky :D

    I laugh at all of you (insert hearty laughter here) I'm getting mine tonight! btw: Love the Instructable-->making one asap