I needed a case to protect my shiny new iPod Touch, The problem was i didn't want a bulky silicone case and nor did i want a fashionable but unpractical one, this and i didn't want to buy something i can make :P

I brainstormed some ideas and my biggest concern was i didn't want the materials to have sharp edges that could scratch the screen, after searching through my some of my limited resources i found some black foam, i also found a microfiber cloth to line the inside of the case with.

As the case is in your pocket or bag the weight of the iPod/iPhone shifts and it rubs against the microfiber cloth which in turn polishes and cleans your device ! Simple !

Now this is how you make it !

Step 1: Materials/Tools

  • Foam (about 5mm thick)
  • Elastic
  • Super glue
  • Microfiber Cloth

  • X-Acto knife
  • Ruler
Ahh i bought a big few meters of this roll at a vintage rally near me for 50p!<br /> <br /> Its useful for putting over your desk while soldering etc <br />
aww jeeze, everyone's getting itouches, and then i just played with one on the bus, and i was liek, ZOMG, AWESOME.... i always haz to borrow from friends... =-(<br/>
LOL I KNOW! like everyone i see now a days has one, but mine is better because its jailbroken!
yep..... I WILL GETS ME ONE SOMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! either that or a paintball gun, or a really good lacrosse stick, or a small lathe, or a small bansaw, or....... BUT I WILL GETS MEH ONE!!!!!!!!
*HOPS ON BANDWAGON* I WILL GET AN ITOUCH SOMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mine has been jail broken 20 times. i kept having to restore it.
I'm not for awhile because im waiting for the new 4 generation to come out
i laugh at every one of you, i got the first 2nd gen to be sold at our walmart, they only got 3 in on the first shipment and were backordered for 3 weeks after that, needless to say, i was lucky :D
so what
I laugh at all of you (insert hearty laughter here) I'm getting mine tonight! btw: Love the Instructable-->making one asap
I got a new job and worked for months for mine :P
most people get them for Christmas...<br/><br/>damn, i wish i could <em>get</em> a job, nowadays yard work is done by... uhh... &quot;immigrant workers&quot;, i won't get into that subject, but <em>anyways</em><br/><br/>there really isn't too much stuff that kids can do for jobs now... <sup>in the u.s.</sup><br/>
Amen, I'm 15 and can not find a job that you don't have to be at least 16 for. so far all i've found is chickfila but you still can only work for like 4 hours a day.
well, there are <em>some</em> places in <em>some</em> states that allow it at 14, but i'm not 14, plus i don't live in utah anymore.... =-(<br/><br/>and i would NEVER EVER work at chickfila, because that's soooo degrading to serve people in a fast food resturant... maybe a <em>good</em> resturant...<br/>
Money is money... right? I would rather get money working at a fast food restaurant, than nothing...
yeah, i guess.... but still...
not to be a wanker or anything but this is WAYYYY bigger than the silicone case i had for my iphone... i've since moved on to an even bulkier wood one that's still smaller than this one...
Ah yes but mine has better protection !
Sure, but it must look like you're carrying around a 3.5" IDE hard drive in your pocket. I'm sure it would work perfect in a bag or purse, but for carrying in a pocket it's just too big.
Whats wrong with carrying a 3.5" IDE HDD in your pocket? lol
HAHA agree completely
on you own instructions...
Instructable, and its a joke :P
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Actually its Potato - Patato, with the latter one being a mis pronunciation favored in the US
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Damn what country do you live in? We stop learning spelling here in Australia at like 14 or 15.
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well done, you deserve a sticker
no a gold star!! (and a very nice -ible do you find it fits well in a tight jean pocket i would make it but the not fitting well in my pocket made me take my last case back:)
in the US and i am in the 10th grade and we still have spelling tests
i never hear anyone actualy say patato and i do live in the us
Good idea, I love having a nice clean ipod screen :D
Thanks !, I hate smudges :P
I hate smudges too :P They annoy me a lot. I finally got a screen protector yesterday though so I'm not as worried about smudging the actual screen. I'm always afraid I'll get a permanent smudge on it...
Nice sound sticks in the background
Haha, Cheers mate
What are the basic dimensions for the device?

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