Picture of Micro (Geocache) Container

 This instructable will teach you how to make a small container from two bottle caps and a bottle neck. It's a great way to re-use bottles that you may have been throwing out.

I just wanted to acknowledge that this is not a completely original design. I got the idea from the Groundspeak forums, especially the user "Odie442". However, there is no existing instructable, and I'm sure that everyone will appreciate it. The pictures and text are all original though.

The container can be used as a micro geocache. If you don't know what geocaching is, check out or one of the many instructables here that can teach you what it's all about.

Besides that, these could be maracas, fishing bobbers, boxes to hold small beads, game pieces... anything you can think of! Just don't bother doing steps 4-9 if you don't want it to be a geocache.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
To make the basic container, you will need:

1.   A plastic soda bottle with cap
2.   Another soda bottle cap (short, mine is from a coke)
3.   Scissors

To make it into a geocache, you will need on top of that:

4.   A dark permanent marker
5.   A pencil
6.   A hot glue gun, with glue stick
7.   A fine toothed saw
8.   A sheet of paper

Also, other bottles, adhesives, cutting materials, etc. can be used. People have a lot of success with 1/2 L water bottles as well as gatorade bottles. Tyvek can be used in place of paper for a waterproof log scroll. However, this is all I had at the time.

Step 2: Cutting it Out

Picture of Cutting it Out

The first step to cutting the neck off the bottle is to pierce through the side.

Then, cut a loose circle around the neck, as in picture 2. Be sure to recycle the big bottle section left.

Next, cut the bottle right at the point it begins to flare out, as in picture 3.

The piece should have a ring of straight plastic coming off of the threaded top, with a relatively smooth edge, as in the last picture.
SunderlandCM5 months ago

GREAT suggestion, I will try this thanks :)

arvika8 months ago
great!! made already three small ones and one slightly larger one. glue for the latter one had to be two components glue....
thx :)
Crafts1011 year ago
Thank you :)
mortnoir2 years ago
If you glue a small neodymium magnet in the bottom you'll have your self a cheep but very versatile container
Denger2 years ago
Since reading your Instructable, I have made many of these, both in the size you show and also from the larger sportsade bottles. These little cache containers work great! It's difficult to find micro containers like these which are truly waterproof and also nearly indestructible. If one removes the little perforated plastic ring from the middle, there is a great place to tie a string or cord (hot glue in place) for securing to a tree limb, etc. FIVE STAR Instructable.
BrantFlakes315 (author)  Denger2 years ago
Good idea about removing the ring. I've actually done it myself!

Glad to see people are still helped by this instructable years later
I made a series of these containers last year for individual legs of a multi-cache, and that worked out very well. Thanks again.
I need to make a map of were I put these
wfsept3 years ago
I made ten and I am going to spray paint them brown
frogmama3 years ago
LOVE this!! I just started caching this summer and now have lots of ideas for hides, but don't want to spend $$ on containers. I think I'll try this on a bigger version, since I have kids and they love finding ones with trinkets and not "nanos"
BrantFlakes315 (author)  frogmama3 years ago
I'm glad this could be of some help. How are you planning to make this bigger? I would love to know to make some myself.
Me and my brother just placed this cache.
i made mine a little diffrently and will use it soon, look for the park bench series in north vancouver!
thelmer444 years ago
This is sooooo cool that I found this. I'm a huge geocacher myself.
nimrodblack4 years ago
Your concept has led me down another path. I took the necks of two 20oz soda bottles. Cut them off just below the neck rim with a hack saw. Used PVC cement to seal the two necks together. What I am left with is 1.2" long .8" in diameter cylinder for a log. Just a tad to small for a Signal FTF coin but the perfect size for a log. No twist directions needed as both ends can unscrew for easy log removal.
Picture 003.jpgPicture 001.jpgPicture 002.jpg
pbrady6964 years ago
Thanks man spray painted it one brown one green thanks for the great Caches!
pbrady6964 years ago
awesome cool cache can't wait to hide!
You can also add magnet to stick it on metal things.
Thanks so much for this. I was trying to think of a good idea on how to make a micro without spending all the money to get something shipped to me. Definitely going to try this one out.
CaseyCase4 years ago
I make similar containers out of two lids and a neck from gallon juice jugs. They are great for holding airgun pellets.
Pellet tin.jpg