Picture of Micro Guitar Hero
Where's my Shrink Ray Gun? I always lose it, I shouldn't have shrunk it.
So I will have to get Guitar Hero portable by exhausting manual labor.

At this point, please don't come up with "But there is already a portable Guitar Hero - Guitar Hero On Tour". Yes, it is portable.. But does it look like a guitar? Naah. The game is good.. The handling is.. well.. circuitous.

And this is the main (basically it is the only) component. The rest consists of cardboard, white glue and wires.
No woodworking, no welding, no sewing, no complicated tech. Hurray!
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Step 1: The materials

Picture of The materials
You need:
  • A (working) Nintendo DS Lite or DS Classic - DSi and newer won't work with the Guitar Grip. (I will not put that on the cost list, as it can be furthermore used normally)
  • Guitar Hero On Tour (same)
  • A Guitar Grip - I got mine pretty cheap - 2$ in the Guitar Hero On Tour Decades Bundle (I bought a few more, as you can see). I will charge 15$ for that, I think that's realistic.
  • 5 wires in different colors, isolated, conductive (surprisingly) - 2$
  • Thick corrugated cardboard, about 1 m2 - 0,50$
  • White Glue - 2$
  • Yesterday's newspaper - 0,99$
  • Colors (at least black) - 2$
  • Shoelace (optional)
And the following tools: jigsaw, glue stick, file, brushes, cutter, screwdriver (small), soldering iron, collet

Overall cost: 22,49$

Step 2: Opening the Guitar Grip

Picture of Opening the Guitar Grip
The guitar grip is surprisingly modding-friendly. The screws aren't even some kind of magic tri-wings, they are boring cross recess screws, so every hobby crafter can open the device with its 13 screws (Take the transparent shell off first - obviously). You could throw everything away but
  • The board with the 4 buttons and its plastic cover
  • The bigger DS classic-adapter
  • The plectrum-stylus
  • The 2 sheets with the extremely cool stickers
Dude that is so awesome, wish I knew soldering just for this!
misko132 years ago
Finally a solution to this problem... YOU ARE MY HERO!!!
I think you could sell these. I know a few friends that would love to have it ;D
Very cool, now all you need is a Amp that looks like a video game.
=34 years ago
This is cool, it'd be cooler if you used the shell of the actual guitar hero game, then it'd be real sized. xD
ProRock =32 years ago
You have to be able to see the screen though, if you had a larger guitar, it might become awkward to look at the screen and play the notes. I like this idea, because i've played that game plenty and after a while your wrist starts to hurt a little because of the awkward angle you have to hold the game at.