Micro KNEX Roller Coaster Dual Lift





Introduction: Micro KNEX Roller Coaster Dual Lift

alright i know my last coaster was lame. so lame i am too lazy to post it. but it was my first. This is a different story, this is my second. It has a cobra roll, helix, inverted twist, and 2 chain hills... i also would like some ideas on names...

I am getting TONS more peices next week. Expect my next upload to be HUGE!



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    Can you post because its cool and simple... i want a roller coaster like this

    Please instruction!!

    please post it i realy want to make it

    i really like it!

    thanks i like your ball machine, i would like to try and make them, but i only have micro knex.

    no prob! thanks! micro ones are crap!

    It's pretty godd but I'd really suggest turning the purple rods on the track spine to greys. It helps the connectors to not open so much. Nice start. Also, have you noticed that the chain pulls down on the track. THe geears should be as close to the track as possible. This will help it to go smoother. Check out my coasters to see what I mean. Name Suggestion:Blacksmith

    i don't have enough grays to do that, i had to resort to purples at the last minute haha. and thanks i never really got how to do the chain good.