I made this because I couldn't find a quick, simple, and small phone stand that used K'nex on Instructables. I won't go through any instructions as this phone stand is so simple that you can build it based on the pictures. The pictures show the different angles the phone stand can be set to. This phone stand is great for watching videos, reading, taking pictures, and more with the angle you want and the steadiness you need.


Design Notes:

I noticed that when I put my phone on the stand vertically, it wouldn't stay because it was too tall and would slide down and off. To fix this, I made the last picture on this step. You may also add a bar diagonally between two of the blue pieces to make the stand more sturdy. I didn't do that because I didn't think it was necessary to use an extra part. Rubber-like phone cases help grip your phones onto the plastic. Rubber bands on the bottom of the stand can help if you don't have a rubber-like case.


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Step 1: Taking Pictures

This stand is great for taking still pictures. This especially helps with taking HDR pictures that take a little longer to get the multiple shots.

<p>I made one too! Make sure to check mine out!</p>
<p>Haha:) (I'm sorry)</p>
Stand works
Does this mean if I neatly present my creations and come up with something really simple I get an automatic feature? This is not hitting on much, so I guess good pics :/
<p>I believe that it was featured because it is an easy fix to a simple problem that wasn't before well-documented.</p>
<p>Actually if you do a 5 second search you will see that this has been done quite a few times already,</p>
<p>Not to be that guy, but why is this featured?</p>
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Knex you get eBay you must. <br><br>Yoda -
<p>K'nex how much cost ?? </p>
<p>K'nex are cheap. You can buy a full set or you can buy K'nex separately on eBay. The price depends on where you buy it from.</p>
<p>Nicely done!</p>
<p>Wow it looks really great! Such a simple fix! Thanks for sharing!</p>
Thanks for featuring it! :)

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