Micro Lego Car





Introduction: Micro Lego Car

This will show you how to make a mini lego car.

Lego piece you will need:

Color 1 (ex White)
3 2x1 pieces
1 Slanted 2x1 (4x1)

Color 2: (ex Orange)
4 2x2 pieces

It is recommended to use 2 colors for better results.

Step 1: The Body

Pieces needed: 4 2x2 (Orange)

Connect the 2x2 pieces together horizontally by offsetting them by one unit.

Step 2: The Front

Pieces needed: 1 Slanted 2x2, 1 2x1 (White)

Put the slanted 2x1 on the top of the hanging piece.

The bottom of the slanted piece will be hanging, now place the 2x1 under this over hang.

Step 3: The Rear

Pieces needed: 2 2x1 (White)

On the back offset, put a 2x1 piece under the offset, and place the other one on top to create tires and spoiler effect. 

Step 4: Finish

You are now done with your lego car.

You can adjust the body to be longer and shorter depending on your needs.

Createa an inventory of vehicles with different sizes and colors!



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    this sucks because how does it move? Where are the wheels?