Micro Lego Pokemon Team 1


Introduction: Micro Lego Pokemon Team 1

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Yes, I am now a Pokémon nerd. These are some of my favorite pokés. I would have included Deoxys, but it turns out that he is hard to build at ANY scale. Anyways, enjoy!

Step 1: Regis

Step 2: Latias

Yes, it can be tweaked into a Latios.

Step 3: Mega Rayquayza

Step 4: Zekrom

After exactly two seconds of being published, this tutorial got an edit! This Zekrom is waaaaaaay more complex than I originally thought it would be. Imagine what Reshiram would be like! As always, hope u njoyed!




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    8 Discussions

    I need to ask, how do you make these designs with the Lego, damn you're good. And who is that white regi

    3 replies

    The white regi is regice. I have no pieces in the right shade of blue.

    Really, my main inspiration for Lego projects comes from me just looking for the strangest pieces in my collection, and seeing what I could do with them. If that makes sense, I would recommend trying it out.

    I love it and can you try to make a kanga or a Pikachu or even a diglet

    Haha, it looks like the build is doubled with the reflection off the glass. I was like, wha, that is 2.


    can you make one of the new ones like type:null or something?