Yes, I am now a Pokémon nerd. These are some of my favorite pokés. I would have included Deoxys, but it turns out that he is hard to build at ANY scale. Anyways, enjoy!

Step 1: Regis

Step 2: Latias

Yes, it can be tweaked into a Latios.

Step 3: Mega Rayquayza

Step 4: Zekrom

After exactly two seconds of being published, this tutorial got an edit! This Zekrom is waaaaaaay more complex than I originally thought it would be. Imagine what Reshiram would be like! As always, hope u njoyed!

I need to ask, how do you make these designs with the Lego, damn you're good. And who is that white regi
The white regi is regice. I have no pieces in the right shade of blue.<br><br>Really, my main inspiration for Lego projects comes from me just looking for the strangest pieces in my collection, and seeing what I could do with them. If that makes sense, I would recommend trying it out.
you forgot rigigigas
I love it and can you try to make a kanga or a Pikachu or even a diglet<br>
<p>Haha, it looks like the build is doubled with the reflection off the glass. I was like, wha, that is 2.</p>
<p>oooo</p><p>can you make one of the new ones like type:null or something?</p>
Cool pokemon

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