Picture of Micro Macro: The miniature lightbox studio.
What is a light box? A light box is a white or black environment made for taking seamless pictures of objects.

This version is a 'Micro Macro', you can use it to take great pictures of items for ebay, bugs, and many things. It can also be scaled up to be a full studio, so long as you can find a large enough box.

For those who don't need step by step, all the images are on this step.

P.S. All shots are from a Canon Sd870 point and shoot. No processing was done after taking them except the really obvious ones (referring to the first shots).

Comments appreciated! (don't just rate it, rate it and provide feedback!)
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Step 1: Materials:

Picture of Materials:
A tooth pick- used to secure index card, substitute with any longish hard thin object. EG paper clip.
An Index card - stiff matte white paper will also do, this is the most readily availible.
A Sandwich bag - Substitute with snippet from impossible to open packaging.. you know the one. This creates reflections for objects.
A small box with a white inside lining - I used a tokyo flash box, but in reality, any box that is lined with matte, white paper will do OK.
A led light, or lantern (for a real 'micro feel' get a group of led's connected to a 9 volt with a switch) - this lights up the box.
A subject - self explanitory.
Scissors- used to cut stuff. If you don't have this, you need a new toolkit!

Step 2: Cut!

Picture of Cut!
Take the index card and cut it to a size that will fit semi snugly (2mm clearance about) into the box, and do not alter the length. (cut along lines, not against)

Take the plastic baggie and cut it out for a little rectangle. This is your wet substance or reflection maker. This allows you to create reflections or use wet substances without wrecking the box. Try to make it the size of the box bottom.
Great idea!!!!
spectre95 years ago
I haven't tried it yet, but I was wondering as I read this if gloss acrylic spray painted directly on the white index card would be a good substitute for the baggie.  I already use it to waterproof paper and cardboard, so it may work well as long as the reflections are good.  I'll give it a try and report back.
lunastyx5 years ago
Very nice. I take a lot of pix for my etsy shop & have a larger, tradional light/studio box but I am going to make yours right now & let you know what I think. But I can tell you already that I am gunna love it.
Thanks, luna
unigeezer5 years ago
pretty cool Jeremy!
stonechild5 years ago
Very interesting idea. I'm not really sure what a light box is, but I think I get the idea. It makes the object appear more 3-dimensional. I'll have to try it. Could you put up more examples? . .
vanpaun (author)  stonechild5 years ago
Yeah, will do, just got my DSLR, so expect wonders! :)