Weed Whacker Boat Motor





Introduction: Weed Whacker Boat Motor

UPDATE: I wanted to share an acutal build, so here's more info on my weed whacker boat motor:




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    Maybe you should find another way to share this idea or not at all!

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    I would delete it if the system would let me :-)

    Ya gunna do that then remove the whole, and I hesitate to say, Instructable.

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    I tried right after the contest winners were announced. It won't let me becuase it's entered in a contest. :(

    Sir,No need to remove the Video.If someone visits fareast Web Sites,related with this kind of outboard,they can see a lot of information.

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    None exist like my current design ;)

    I have a mud motor on a 16' aluminum boat and it is the most fun you can imagine.

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    I bet it is! What brand and size motor are you running?

    I have a 23hp Go-Devil (a Briggs and Stratton 'Vanguard' commercial two cylinder) motor, surface drive. The boat is also a Go-Devil, a 16'x48" one. The boat is built like a battleship - 1/8" thick sides. We bought it for the Park where I work, out of the fear that a kayaker would run into an emergency and we couldn't get to him in the Boston Whaler patrol boat. Now we can get there - it doesn't matter how low the tide is.

    I just realized, the dashboard I built for it to hold the GPS, marine radio, and horn would make a good Instructable...

    Very nice! You should post your dashboard project. It sounds cool!

    Thanks.. I will be doing that before long.