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Introduction: Micro PipBoy 3000- GT540

As a huge fan of the Fallout series of games I always wanted my very own PipBoy. The original PipBoy on the game is rather large and bulky though. I decided that I would design my own version of it. This version is smaller and thinner than the one in the game, with a more streamlined look and some extra options.

The Micro PipBoy will be made from a smartphone (only for the brains), so it will be an actual fully functional, and useful everyday accessory.

This will not simply be a case that the smartphone "drops" into. The smart phone in question (LG GT540) will be gutted and modified to become the inner workings of the PipBoy.

The cuff features lateral and forward facing LED's for use as flashlights and/or photography/video. The camera lens is protected by a manual slide lens cap.

The housing of the unit is made from lightweight aluminum that should provide comfort and durability. The cuff is securely locked by brass pins.

Many of the PipBoy functions are controlled by the hardware buttons located on the perimeter of the unit, while still maintaining full touch screen capability for others.

GPS and Bluetooth are fully supported, as well as wifi,; however, a headset must be used for incoming or outgoing calls (unless utilizing speaker phone).

The operating system is a modified Android OS featuring a custom shell that I have been tinkering with (similar to how the Kindle Fire runs a custom shell atop Android).



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    How about using a raspberry pi, but it'll probably look more bulky. :/

    I have an old IPod Touch 1 that I don't use much, do you think it would work the same if it were setup with different measurements?

    Great idea, though I guess flexible electronics or a arm cortex MO may be good. Some cell phones and tablets may also work. But for the best pip boy I think it may look like an apple or windows watch.

    Looks like this design will be obsolete in a little while. Bethesda and their Pip-Boy app and Pip-Boy Edition for Fallout 4. :P Still a great idea, though.

    Has there been any progress? I'd be interested to see how it turned out.

    Have there been any updates on the status of this project?

    Always wanted to make a PipBoy. As close as I got is modifying my nokia N-Gage QD a while ago. External speakers got damaged, so the ringer only made sounds like a Geiger counter. I've made a wrist strap and some minor modifications to the case.

    Good luck with your project!

    How much is a relative cost for this I will pay

    I'm looking into getting a 3D printer (probably a replicator 2) with my Taxes. If you'd be willing to make me a device as well, I'd be open to printing any needed parts and shipping them to you.

    let me kow once the instructable is up

    This is so awesome...
    I'd have to suggest some sort of padding on the inside for comfort reasons though

    when you actually build it you should try to give it a bigger battery and more memory

    The biggest obstacle, I believe, is the case of the device. The software side isn't all that bad (yet), and the power requirements and such fall within battery output specs.

    very cool, so you are currently working on a real version of this? when do you think you will be done? what are the biggest obstacles to getting it to work?

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    Thank you. I am working on the "shell" that runs atop an Android OS right now. I am using my LG GT540 smartphone as the base hardware (with a few mods). I would love to start working on an actual prototype of it as soon as I get the right equipment. (The Replicator 2 would be perfect ;) ) Thank you again for your interest!