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Introduction: Micro Pocket-sized Spud Gun/potato Gun/BB Gun

About: I am a maker from india.started making things from age of 6 .Technoenthusiast

HI friends i am from india .I am a maker and started making things from an age of 6.today i am interested in big potato guns so decided to make a pocket size of it which can be portable and taken with us anywhere.plzz be carefull because it is powerfull and dangerous ,do not aim at animals or human,i am not responsible for any incident you do.

Step 1: Thing Needed

1) Mechanical pencil 2) Glue stick hollow tube 3) 2 thumbtags 4) Wires 5) Body deodrant 6) Tape and glue 7) Ignitor.


1) Take the two thumbtags and wire it to the ignitor as shown 2) Take the two thumbtags and pierce it into the hollow glue stick tube from both sides leaving a gap between the pins to get a spark 3) Attach the mechanical pencil hollow tube inside the glue stick tube and glue it.


1) Glue the ignitor to the glue stick tube an tape it to prevent shock 2) Finally its ready to fire potatoes and bb bullets 3) Spray deo for 1 second and blow some air and close the cap and press the ignitor to blast off the projectile 4) Again i am telling its very dangerous and plzz take care i am not reponsible for any loss or injury .

Step 4: Modification

As the barrel was short so i made a longer barrel which increases the range.

Step 5: Modification 2

Frequently use of ignitor hurts my finger so added a small bit of flat plastic end from thumbtags to it.so its works great...Do share like comment ..and check my other cool projects..thankyou



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    also I found it works just as with the tube being made out of a piece of metal pipe raped in electrical tape! there's less chance of the thing melting in your hand that way!

    This was a great build! easy to make easy to use and overall effeciant! I've been using mine for about a month now and I still see no problems other then occasional repair!