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This is sort of an "example" instructable for the Dr Destruct-O Teardowns group; something I did a few years ago. I don't know if this particular car is still available, but...

This is one of those mini remote controller cars that was all over, selling for $10 or less. It wasn't so great as a car; the "stunt" capability is derived from spinning the front set of wheels on a axis that runs down the centerline of the car, so you can't really steer it; you can just make it go forward, back, and tumble around. But the two channel Radio control might be reusable, and perhaps there are some tiny gear motors that might be extractable...

Step 1: Under the Cover

Picture of Under the Cover

I recall this being pretty easy to take apart. The body of the car comes off in an obvious way (small philips head screws?) This is what it looks like under the body, before further disassembly.

Step 2: Electronics

Picture of Electronics

The radio control receiver is on a nice tiny board that is surprisingly well labeled. Since there are two motors to control in this car, there are two fully-reversible motor drivers. On the minus side, the board uses "chip on board" (the main "smarts" are a a bare chip under that black plastic blob), so some of the modifications possible on receivers with identifiable chips and pins aren't possible here.)

(It would be nice to have pictures of the transmitter as well. Sorry...)

Step 3: Naked Electric Car Guts

Picture of Naked Electric Car Guts

Here are the "internals" completely separated from the chassis of the car.

Note that the motors detach complete with their respective gearboxes, and have convenient places to attach devices other than the original wheels. This is EXTREMELY valuable; all too many toys have their gears mounted directly on the chassis, and by the time they are apart you have a motor and some loose gears. With the stunt car, you wind up with TWO gear-box motors, which are regularly worth about 10x the price of a bare motor on the surplus market.

Step 4: Motors and Batteries

Picture of Motors and Batteries

Here are closeups of the motors and the batteries.

The batteries are labeled as being "80 mA" (which isn't really a valid thing to say.) They probably mean 80mAH, which makes these NiMH cells. They're 1/3AAA size; which was pretty popular back before the serious RC crowd converted to LiPO.

The motors and batteries in this car are easily worth the $10 price tag on the car, even if you can't utilize the remote control...


RC Lover san (author)2017-02-27

You can make amazing "things" with that car.

Please take a look at my Instructable...

eva_maree_dixon (author)2014-02-23

i don't understand what your doing is taking apart a car a project

Sergeant Sarcasm (author)2013-06-01

"Flashing Light" is just copy and paste, like the "try me function" in my pic

awesomecreations (author)2012-12-15

I literally have what is shown in these pictures on my desk in front of me right now.

Eddie4 (author)2012-07-24

how you were saying your not sure if that car is still availablei just bought one at a car show

dharmik (author)2012-06-10

can any permium member send me the pdf of this to my address pleaseeee...

snoopindaweb (author)2011-07-17

Thanks for verifing the parts, My Step Dad was a TV & Radio repairman in the 60's, but thats about It, cOOl. G-G

Jedrokivich (author)2011-02-08

I just had a vision of a tiny tank robot with those two motors and batteries.

tobyscool (author)2010-10-25

I have the same kind of toy like that :P

pennnny (author)2010-09-07

what would you recomend using the stuff for?

aeronut01 (author)2010-07-08

Thanks for posting this! It was helpful in aiding me in taking apart one of these without destroying it. I used the receiver in a remote controlled firework igntier and it was a huge success! I'm making an instructable on that soon, and I was wondering if it would be alright to put a link on my instructable that would lead to yours? It's to show the viewers what R/C device I used and how to disassemble it to get the receiver out.

liketoblowthingsup48 (author)2007-09-03

Hey, I have this same RC....I am ready to take mine apart... Any Ideas on what i could use the engine, wheels, and batteries with?? Awesome pics!! plz reply

Make a plane using them. That's what I did once. Lasted a week though (paper doesn't crash well, but looks awesome doing it.)

paper can be set on fire too :-P

I know.  One of my friends lights paper planes on fire and throws them.

he throws them into pools right?

Wherever he wants, actually.  They land in pools, knock over drinks, land on glass tables, sail into other yards.  But, he usually follows them up with a bucket of water if they land somewhere where they can cause harm.  One managed to get away and landed in the river, though.


If you have the Vulcan,(nerf gun) or any other battery powered gun you can hook the motor up so it spins the gun left and right.Hook up the other motors wires to the trigger. And there, you have a radio-controlled weapon of mass destruction.

absolute zero (author)Colonel882009-09-13

a bit heavy fr these tiny motors dont'cha think?

Colonel88 (author)absolute zero2009-09-13

maybe... but i meant you just use the RF receiver module from the car and use some really nice, really powerful gear motors or servos.

watson9194 (author)2009-08-20

i just got this very car to cannibalize for parts and its great! enough motors to keep me going for a long time.

you're a plastic car?

Colonel88 (author)2009-09-13

great i think ill go hook up a couple of those motors up to make a new custom car (?). Or I could just hook-up the servos to a radio controlled nerf gun, *evil laugh*

zaktanandy (author)2009-06-13

are the motors the size of pager motors

westfw (author)zaktanandy2009-06-14

Yes. Larger pager motors. but still tiny. 3/8 inch diameter, I think?

adave123xx (author)2009-06-01

its so cool i dont know how to make it i dont have any materials can you make it very easy simple materials

westfw (author)adave123xx2009-06-02

This "instructable" is about how to take it apart (and what's inside), not how to "make" one...

adave123xx (author)2009-06-01

what kind of motor?

adave123xx (author)2009-06-01

what kind of battery are those too..

adave123xx (author)2009-06-01

what kind of antenna?are those?

adave123xx (author)2009-06-01

can you?then show me please thank you very much god Bless

jongscx (author)2008-05-02

I always assumed these micro-RC cars were powered by a small capacitor bank...

Sandisk1duo (author)jongscx2008-05-14

thats would make them expensive

Madrias357 (author)Sandisk1duo2009-04-09

Would probably run longer, too...

Sandisk1duo (author)Madrias3572009-04-09

if it had super capacitors, then yes

amando96 (author)2009-01-29

How about mini plane/glider? the chip and motors dont even weigh 100 grams... with big light wings... could it happen?

TheCheese9921 (author)2007-07-01

when I was like 8 i ripped one of these apart in hopes of creating a micro rc boat after 5 minuets I got confused

Polymorph (author)TheCheese99212008-09-02

You've got to write down -everything- as you take it apart.

amando96 (author)Polymorph2009-01-29

i love polymorph! anyways i disassembled one of these but the wires came off the motors, so i advise everyone that does this to like glue 'em with a hot glue gun so they wont snap so easily, they are very thin...

lucek (author)2008-08-07

this was actually a very good car. if you had a lite touch you could lift one of the fount wheels to do a tight turn.

rocketman221 (author)2008-07-17

I got a big box of these at a swapmeet for $1.50 each a few years ago just about every part is useful for something especially the rc board

GreenAce92 (author)2008-06-10

Micro submarine maybe? An insect robot(they need lotsa gearing) stuff like that...

joe57005 (author)GreenAce922008-06-15

there's a microsubmarine you can buy for the same price. (same control board, or at least terribly similar) differential drive, going forward/back also dives.

comodore (author)2008-03-20

What kind,type, of battery are those???

westfw (author)comodore2008-03-20

Based on size and labeling, I believe them to be 80mAh 1/3AAA NiMH cells.

comodore (author)westfw2008-03-20

OK. Thank you!

tinkernaut (author)2008-03-20

Any clue what the ratio of those gearboxes is? I am trying to build animations that require slow action, and I can use any help in finding cheap motor+gearbox combos.

mrbob1000 (author)2007-07-01

have you tried making a super tiny rc with this... put some smaller wheels and a tiny camera on it and you have a mobile camera for spying on your enemy's

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