Sometimes you just need something to get what you're working on up off the ground a couple inches. This is the best, most adjustable, easiest solution I have come across yet. It takes 5 seconds to set up, gets your work about 4-6 inches off the ground, and is completely adjustable to fit your job.

Step 1: Ingredients

Here's what you need:
- 2 (or more) spring clamps
- a "stick"

Spring clamps like these are available at every hardware store known to man, and any self-respecting, hardware-selling website. They cost anywhere from <$1 to >$5, depending on the brand and size you get. I use Bessey 2-inch spring clamps. Not because I'm attached to the brand; just because that's what my Lowes' carries.

For a stick, you need something thin enough to fit within the jaws of the clamp, and thick enough to maintain friction within the jaws of the clamp. To qualify the first part of the above statement: the larger diameter the stick is, the closer together the handles of the clamps will be, and therefore the narrower the base of the "sawhorse" will be.

I use a 1.5-inch dowel with my 2-inch clamps.
Neat, good idea. I usually just grab the nearest block of wood.
Great idea
That's good!
Pretty clever. But I'd be concerned with stability. Do they have enough of a base to prevent sideways movement?
I have not had any problems with stability or wobble. As noted (briefly), the better the fit of the stick is: a) the more secure the clamps' grip on the stick will be, preventing length-wise wobble; and b) the further apart the handles of the clamps (and therefore the legs of the sawhorse) will be, preventing width-wise wobble.<br> <br> Fortunately we're also not talking about a very high work surface either, so <em>Science!</em> dictates that the potential for wobble is fairly minimal. I'm sure you could shore them up in various ways if you're particularly concerned with stability, but that would detract from the simplicity, speed and convenience of the design, and in most cases* not be necessary. If someone comes up with a quick, simple, and clever solution to this potential quandary, I'll be happy to add it or add a link to it.<br> <br> *&quot;most cases&quot; is an unqualified blanket statement. It may be that the next time I use this rig I'll revise my heretofore unchallenged assertion, and I will have to post a retraction. Only time will tell.
This is one instructable I am saving. Thanks for sharing.
Great solution and useful
F*ing genius. This is a pet rock level idea!
Great! I have a bunch of these clamps laying around too. Thanks for the idea :) <br>
One of those brilliant solutions that make me furious that I didn't think of it first, grrr!
So simple but so useful !
BAM! So smart.

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