Micro Tesla Coil Project


Introduction: Micro Tesla Coil Project

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this is still a simple mini tesla coil

the Circuit diagram in the Intro

use a 12v DC can start the tesla coil

Step 1: Soldering Resistance and Capacitance

Step 2: Two Led

one led is for the power indicator light,one is for the tesla coil Resonance indicator

in the middle is the "-" foot,the outside is "+"

see the picture

Step 3: Triode

Step 4: Power Socket

dc 12v

Step 5: Secondary Coil

Use a knife to scrape off the surface of the paint.this is important,do not forget do this

then soldering to the right place

Step 6: Glue the Coil on the Pcb

Step 7: Test

dc 12v start the tesla coil,if all ok,two led will light,and you can see the spark

put the ball on the top,maybe one led will not light,it is ok,use a Fluorescent lamp,the Fluorescent lamp will light

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Im kinda new to this so this might be a stupid question, but, do you need to solder the ball to the top of the coil?

A few things - has anybody reverse-engineered the circuit board the the component parts? It's obviously wrong. I figured out that the primary coil is embedded on the PCB. I didn't get a capacitor, so any BOM info on the cap? I see 1μF on the diagram, but I heard it is really a 10μF component - what is the voltage? I have some found/scrounged electronics with 3.3μF at 16v and through resistors, different voltages.

Several of other circuit diagrams for a Tesla do NOT have a capacitor.

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i already use this Circuit diagram build a tesla coil sucessful,so if you not really DIY,plz not just because "HEARD" Mislead other people


why you say it should be 10uf?This is groundless,this is not SGTC,the cap is not strict,in fact,103 104 105 cap both work!

Definitely, this needs to be update it. The circuit board that I got on the mail looks a little diffrent (the the attached picture)

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The circuit schematic is wrong. Please provide with the correct one. This schematic doesn't include the 1k and the 10k resistor. Also, the capacitance should be 10uF because that's what I received on the mail.