Introduction: Micro Tesla Coil Project

this is still a simple mini tesla coil

the Circuit diagram in the Intro

use a 12v DC can start the tesla coil

Step 1: Soldering Resistance and Capacitance

Step 2: Two Led

one led is for the power indicator light,one is for the tesla coil Resonance indicator

in the middle is the "-" foot,the outside is "+"

see the picture

Step 3: Triode

Step 4: Power Socket

dc 12v

Step 5: Secondary Coil

Use a knife to scrape off the surface of the paint.this is important,do not forget do this

then soldering to the right place

Step 6: Glue the Coil on the Pcb

Step 7: Test

dc 12v start the tesla coil,if all ok,two led will light,and you can see the spark

put the ball on the top,maybe one led will not light,it is ok,use a Fluorescent lamp,the Fluorescent lamp will light


Josehf Murchison made it! (author)2017-07-20

I built the same kit took about 5 minutes to put it together. I was surprised at how small it is.

slowcooked (author)2017-01-24

A few things - has anybody reverse-engineered the circuit board the the component parts? It's obviously wrong. I figured out that the primary coil is embedded on the PCB. I didn't get a capacitor, so any BOM info on the cap? I see 1μF on the diagram, but I heard it is really a 10μF component - what is the voltage? I have some found/scrounged electronics with 3.3μF at 16v and through resistors, different voltages.

Several of other circuit diagrams for a Tesla do NOT have a capacitor.

Minil2 (author)slowcooked2017-01-25

i already use this Circuit diagram build a tesla coil sucessful,so if you not really DIY,plz not just because "HEARD" Mislead other people

Minil2 (author)slowcooked2017-01-25


why you say it should be 10uf?This is groundless,this is not SGTC,the cap is not strict,in fact,103 104 105 cap both work!

edcalles (author)2017-01-20

Definitely, this needs to be update it. The circuit board that I got on the mail looks a little diffrent (the the attached picture)

TonyB196 (author)edcalles2017-01-22

I think you got a different kit. The one I got matches these instructions precisely.

Try this instead, looks more like yours I think:

Or actually this one looks like your board:

Docwert made it! (author)2017-01-21

Fun little project.
I was confused thinking that the coil should have four wires. Two for the primary and two for the secondary. Then i realized that the primary was on the board.
I started with a 12 volt supply but found it over heated the transistor. 9 volts runs better and cooler.

edcalles (author)2017-01-20

The circuit schematic is wrong. Please provide with the correct one. This schematic doesn't include the 1k and the 10k resistor. Also, the capacitance should be 10uF because that's what I received on the mail.

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