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Introduction: Micro Toothpick Castle

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This took over 6 months to make and is made of only  toothpicks and wood glue.   (and i have a crappy camera that cant pick up details well) (this is my sad face :(  )



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For those who would like to see this in person, the baltamor maryland riply's museums has it :D

Super sexy! If I make one, I will take it with me to bed everynight! Will have gr8 dreams!

can you make me one!! only out of 2x4 s i will be ready to move in, in 6 months what a wonderful project!!!!!!! you did great work!

That, sir, is the most amazing and beautiful thing I have seen all day!

time is running out PLEASE VOTE i dont have many at all :(

I adore this! I've been waiting for the I made it contest voting to start so I could throw a vote your way! Well done!

OMG im so happy right now! Riply's Believe it or Not has just purchasted the castle for one of their museums. They said it would most likely go to the Hollywood one.