Micro Coaster Track | a K'nex Ball Machine Path





Introduction: Micro Coaster Track | a K'nex Ball Machine Path

Hello again! I have for you a NEW k'nex ball machine path! This utilises the micro k'nex rollercoaster track, turned on its side so the ball can roll along it! Right, here are the pros and cons!

• Low friction so the ball slides along it quickly
• A great substitute for tubing path
• Makes micro k'nex useful

• Not as simple to connect it to original k'nex
• Can't turn vertically

Step 1: How to Build It!

The track is extremely simple to build, just follow the pictures!

1: Overview
2: Build these
3: Assemble
4: Assemble

Step 2: How to Connect It to Original K'nex!

So, I bet you were wondering how does it connect?

1: Overview
2: Build these
3: Assemble

Now, how does it connect from below? There are many ways however this is one simple way.

1: Overview
2: Build this
3: Asemble

Step 3: Finished!

Let me know what you think of this new path! Bye for now!



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    Looks good!

    I think I have seen something like this though, it might not be entirely new.

    Thank you a third time xD. So did I but I found that track didn't work. the ball went through the middle with the track on either side as rails.

    Maybe I don't know, I've never build it myself.

    nice element! Now all it needs is a ball machine to go under it! :P

    Lol, or above! xD this comment didn't come in my emails :(

    If it went above the track, it would crush it! No, I think below is better.

    erm... I'm confused...lol. If it went below the ball machine the ball machine would crush it xD. lol

    no, if you were to build a frame and drop it on top of the track, it would crush the track, right??? :P

    That's what I just said by accident because I was confused lol. But, if the half the ball machine was above it and half below it would be in the ball machine where its supposed to be not above or below xD I'm so happy, I got 3 more k'nex balls so now I have 4!!!!!!